Elegant Diamond Bangle
A glamorous bangle to accentuate your favourite ensemble perfectly, this stunning piece will is the epitome of sophistication.
One Cora Diamond Bracelet*
The oneness of this perfect bangle astonishes us. Perfected by our master craftsmen, this piece of jewellery screams order and magic put together. Dazzling with Diamonds this bangle is named Cora, meaning 'heart', as this is as precious as your...
Regalia Rosalind Diamond Bangle*
Craters and white matter and a shiny reflection, moons have so much inspiration hidden on their surface. Our designers were inspired by such a moon of Uranus, called Rosalind, to create this beautiful Diamond bangle, all set with hills and...
Scatter Waltz Heartful Diamond Bangle
There's no telling the heart what to do. Or these Diamonds how to stay aligned.
Starring You Adulation Diamond Bangle
A delightful arrangement of Diamonds puts this piece in a class of its own.
Skyward Bound Aloft Diamond Bangle
Keep those wings beating. The shimmer will keep them aloft.
Elements Veined Diamond Bangle
Like veins of a leaf, the Gold bridges across these luminous circles.
Bacchi Diamond Bangle
Like little soft kisses, highlights of Diamonds flit on top of a row of singular beauties making our Bacchi bangle truly unforgettable.
Soltera Diamond Bangle
A ring of solitaires embraced with Gold, makes the benchmark for effortless, understated elegance.
Millenial Diamond Bangle
Beautifully crafted and featuring a stunning blossom design, this bangle is beyond par when it comes to breezy elegance.
One Auriga Diamond Bangle*
A charioteer of the heavens, Auriga is a gorgeous sparkling constellation. Set with Diamonds and White Gold, this bangle sits on the wearer's wrist with supreme elegance and grace of the heavens.
One Allegra Diamond Bangle*
The heartbeat is a curious, unique rhythm to which only light and reflections can dance to. The radiant light of Diamonds delightfully dancing to the rhythm of the wearer's heartbeat is but a magnificent sight to watch. Named Allegra, which...
Regalia Darina Diamond Bangle*
Ornate pillars and arches of old Indian temples have their own royal charm. This bangle, inspired from such majestic temples, brings out the regal muse within the wearer. This is named Darina, meaning a fitting present.
Regalia Mikayla Diamond Bangle*
Divine like a Goddess or an angel of heavens above, the wearer has power, beauty and greatness within. The bangle suggests a unique strength in Diamonds set in Gold, named Mikayla after the Goddess of strength.
One Carnation Diamond Bangle*
Twines of White Gold and Diamonds wrap themselves around the wrist of the wearer, gleaming with a radiance that resembles the glow within. A rendition of beauty and strength like no other, this bangle is named Carnation, after the cheerful,...
Narissa Diamond Bracelet
Prettiness personified the essence of our Narissa bangle. Scallops of Diamonds between sparkling solitaires this bangle creates a circle of light and loveliness.
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