Elements Regnant Diamond Ring
Showcasing a regal representation of Diamonds, fit for a royal ensemble.
Embrace Diamond Ring
A single Diamond strand envelops a slim one of Gold, meeting to encase an exquisite princess Diamond.
Titania Diamond Ring
Masterfully-crafted, this statement ring is ravishing with bold design and stunning Diamonds.
Regalia Realm Diamond Ring
Five ornate baguettes that tell the world who is Queen.
Scatter Waltz Disperse Diamond Ring
Each Diamond rising from the core, reaching for the light. Like the branches of a Diamond tree.
Scatter Waltz Sparkway Diamond Ring
Watch the sparks fly, as you slip this ring of baguettes on to your finger.
Starring You Basket Diamond Ring
A Daliesque interpretation of a rose, this ring plays supporting cast to you.
Freeflowing Swirl Diamond Ring
A stream of Diamonds going round a bend, send off a splatter of larger Diamonds.
Skyward Bound Ambition Diamond Ring
Shiny wings that given a chance, can soar high.
One Duality Diamond Ring
Diamonds gather together to focus their individual brilliance in two bright spots.
Interwoven Diamond Ring
A striking sweep of Diamonds between two sparkling bands. the Flarian ring is stylish and chic.
Magnanimous Diamond Ring
A single Diamond strand envelops a slim one of Gold, meeting to encase an exquisite princess Diamond.
Moat Diamond Ring
A single Diamond strand envelops a slim one of Gold, meeting to encase an exquisite pie-cut Diamond.
Intricara Diamond Ring
A sense of elegance defines this gorgeous Diamond ring, its numerous glistening bands intertwined meticulously to form a charming emblem.
Greca Diamond Ring
Inspired by the classics, this band of Gold holds a row of exquisite Diamonds in a design that is a wearable day and night.
Corsa Diamond Ring
A slim line of flawless baguettes the Corsa ring gives new meaning to the word eternal.
Skyward Bound Winged Diamond Ring
Let these Diamond studded wings escalate your ambitions to success.
Regalia Eridanus Diamond Ring*
Flowing rivers have a charm unmet. They are kissed by Sun's rays through the day and mirror the moon through the night. A sparkling engaging phenomenon, flowing rivers are forever inspiration to our artists. It is named Eridanus, meaning 'river'.
Starring you Gimena Diamond Ring*
Meant for that strong, independent, social woman who truly empathizes and listens to others, this is the perfect ring. Gimena, a cluster of stars also means a good listener. Set with Diamonds in a maze of strings, this beautiful piece...
Illuminaire Chrysalis Diamond Ring*
When a beautiful butterfly sits on your fingers, the picturesque colors clash against your skin, with light bouncing off of them. This lovely, dainty experience is frozen into blue and green gemstones and carved into this gorgeous ring, named Chrysalis,...
Starring you Ophelia Diamond Ring*
A ring set in a river of Diamonds, with White Gold nurturing the shores, Ophelia is but a beautiful constellation of iridescent stars. This is an astronomer and an artist's delight, a masterpiece crafted from the stars.
One Blimah Diamond Ring*
A blossom of fresh flowers sit on the wearer's finger, twirled around it like a dainty twine of Gold with sparkling Diamonds sitting as little flowers. This Gold and Diamond ring is names Blimah, a Hebrew name for blossom.
One Azha Diamond Ring*
A tilted masterpiece that brings out the best of the dazzling Diamond set in centre. Set in Gold, this beautiful ring is a sparkling reminder of a unique star, one in a million, named Azha.
Freeflowing Voyage Diamond Ring
Embark on this glittering voyage, move through the radiant paths carved just for you.