the irasva jewellery care guide

Jewellery Care

At IRASVA, we believe that fine jewellery deserves to be worn Every Other Day. An essential part of your special style statement, jewellery that is cared for will last forever and bring joy to generations.

General Tips & Measures

General Jewellery Care Tips

Keep your jewellery looking lustrous with these tips

Handle with care: Handle your jewellery gently. The metal surface and the linking may get damaged by rough handling.

Protect it from heat: Keep your jewellery away from very hot surfaces or intense sources of heat, be it window sills, BBQs or saunas.

Remove before activities: Take off your jewellery before cleaning, cooking, bathing, or swimming.

Nestle in Luxury: Store each piece of your jewellery in a fabric-lined box or individual compartments. The box that you received with your piece is designed with non-reactive materials which is the perfect and easiest way to protect it.

Separate and Secure: Try to keep your Irasva pieces apart. Jewellery may get scratched when they come in contact with one another or get entangled. Chains should be locked and laid flat to avoid the formation of knots.

Keep it brilliant: Natural skin oils also have a tendency to dull most jewellery. Therefore we suggest you get your jewellery cleaned at regular intervals.

How to Reduce Wear & Tear

Dressing With Your Jewellery

Jewellery Comes Last: Wear your jewellery after you are completely dressed to prevent it from getting snagged.

Prep yourself: Apply creams, lotions, makeup, hairspray, or any other products before you wear your pieces. Make sure to let everything dry to avoid any contamination or corrosion.

Spritz away from the piece: Don't spray any perfumes or colognes on the jewellery.

Secure your treasure: The clasps and locks should not be loose. Lock them so that it fits tightly.

Undress later: Always remove your jewellery first before undressing. This minimises the risk of snags or accidental damage.

Wipe away: Wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth/sylvet (optic cleaning cloth) before and after use."

Protecting your jewellery

Handling and Cleaning 

For everyday shine: Gently clean your frequently worn jewellery to remove any oils, dust, or contamination. Use simple, non-abrasive materials like a fine cloth/ Selvyt. Pieces with uncut diamonds cannot be cleaned with any water.

Leave it to the experts: If it contains gemstones, pearls, or uncut diamonds, or if in general, it contains a significant cluster of stones, the task of cleaning it should be entrusted to one of our specialists at an Irasva store.

Annual checkup: If you run a soft cloth over the stones, the cloth should not catch through the prongs. We recommend that you check the settings of the stones at least once a year.

Caring for your jewels

Taking Care of Enamel Jewellery

Irasva uses the French enamelling technique - Plique à Jour for its Mosaique collection. This technique is used to mimic the appearance of stained glass where the enamel is suspended in a metal framework so that light can filter through. Enamelled jewellery is more delicate than precious metal or gemstones and can be prone to cracks, chipping and turning milky if not cared for properly. Here are a few dos and don’ts in order to care for your enamelled jewellery.

Avoid liquids: Take care not to get your enamel jewellery wet.

Use a lint-free cloth: It's best to use soft, dry cleaning materials to clean your enamel jewellery. You can usually remove dust and grime by gently wiping your jewellery with a lint-free cloth.

Avoid harsh chemicals: Do not use any corrosive solutions to clean your enamel jewellery

Caring For Your Pearls

Irasva uses cultured and freshwater pearls in its jewellery. While these quality pearls are quite durable, proper care is necessary to keep them gorgeous as ever.

Pearls love your skin: Pearls benefit immensely from absorbing the oils that your skin naturally secretes throughout the day, so you can wear them often.

Wipe at the end: Gently wipe pearls with a soft cloth to remove sweat, perfume or dirt before putting them away.

Store carefully: Pearls can be easily scratched; wrap the pearls in linen, or soft cloth, or place them in a soft pouch.

Avoid heat and dryness: Do NOT store pearls in an airtight package or in very hot environments; if the environment is too dry, the pearls may crack.

Avoid chemicals: Keep pearls away from chemicals, cleaning solutions, hairspray, perfume, cosmetics, and excessive sweat as these substances will damage the pearl's surface. Chemical substances can eat holes in the pearl nacre.

Don’t submerge: Do not place your pearls in water, it may loosen the mounting and the stringing can stretch out and break early.

Taking Care of Uncut/ Fusion Jewellery

The open setting of IRASVA uncut jewellery has no wax or ‘Lak’ filling and is treated with a complex anti-oxidising process to prevent it from tarnishing.Tarnishing is the slight corrosion of the metal surface and is evident as a dark discoloration of the item.

Real gold jewellery can sometimes tarnish due to exposure to the elements and chemicals or even food that contains sulphur compounds like vinegar or lemons. Tarnishing doesn't indicate that the gold is impure in any form.

It only confirms that the alloy used with the gold is susceptible to tarnishing. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do to protect your uncut / fusion jewellery.

- Wrap it up: We advise wrapping your polki jewellery set in a soft muslin/ cotton cloth.

- Keep away from liquids: Do not soak your uncut/ fusion jewellery in water or in any liquid. The water can easily go inside the space between the diamonds and the metal and will be the major contributing factor to tarnishing

- Don’t brush: Do not use a toothbrush to clean it. In fact, even a soft brush can cause scratches on the polki’s surface.


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