Graziella Diamond Necklace
A dainty string of Diamonds sit in pure Gold, as a symbol of class, elegance and grace. She who wears it is known for her poise and finesse. This beautiful necklace is called Graziella, meaning 'kind and gracious'. Metal Type...
Nisva Mangalsutra
The perfect symbol of eternal love, an infinity loop makes for the perfect centrepiece in this mangalsutra . A gorgeous tear drop completes the design and offers a beautiful rendition of an everlasting 'drop of love'. With sparkling Diamonds enveloped...
Moina Mangalsutra
A string of fine, dainty circles of love sit at the neck as a testament to your love. Symbolising eternal love, diamonds shine bright in this masterpiece as a symbol of the wearer's dazzling bond of love.
Mehrin Mangalsutra
The best of two worlds merge as this gorgeous testament to your eternal love is bound by the symbol of protection.  Keeping all negative energy at bay, the diamond studded evil eye will protect your love forever.
Garvi Mangalsutra
Fine Diamonds in a versatile design dazzle at the center of this traditional string of eternal love. A luxurious touch to your everyday Mangalsutra, this will add panache and class to your subtle yet exuberant style.
Amara Mangalsutra
A little Diamond heart sparkling amidst a Gold and Black Beaded Mangalsutra redefines the traditional string with love. A unique and modern way to connect our heritage with fashion, this is a classic masterpiece that will sit close to your...
Mira Mangalsutra
This dainty, single-string Mangalsutra reaffirms the eternal bond of your love with an ethereal Gold spheroid. It is framed by two of our finest Diamond ends, creating a dazzling and bright design for your everyday wear.
Eleanor Diamond Pendant
Have you ever strolled in a garden full of fresh dew, remnants of last night's renewal of nature? It is a joy to see early sunshine reflect the purity of dew drops. This beautiful and bright pendant is inspired by...
Loire Diamond Necklace
A cascading river of Diamonds and Gold fall at the wearer's heart. This majestic necklace is a beautiful rendition of a waterfall. It shines and sparkles as if sunlight bounces off it with each little movement. It is named Loire,...
Quacey Diamond Pendant
Hoops of Diamonds and Gold strung on a chain to sit nestled close to the wearer's heart. This gorgeous necklace glows with a startling irradiance. It is named Quacey, meaning 'moonlight'. Metal Type 14K White Gold Metal Weight 3.38 grams...
Dai Diamond Pendent
In Welsh, 'Dai' means the great one. A bold and wonderous Diamond pendant sits on the wearer's neck, glorious at every angle. This beautiful pendant is an exquisite choice for a woman of greatness. Metal Type 14K White Gold Metal...
Caris Diamond Pendant
Grace and love enveloping each other in an embrace of Gold and Diamonds. This beautiful pendant etches your love eternally in jewels. It is named Caris, meaning love and grace in Welsh. Metal Type 14K White Gold Metal Weight 2.79...
Harper Diamond Pendant
As pure and perfect as a Harp's music to one's ear, this pendant has been crafted with utmost love and skill. Tiny little pieces of Diamonds and Gold are meticulously placed in concentric shapes that remind you of harmony. Metal...
Isabella Diamond Pendant
This unique pendant is a masterpiece with hoops strung together, studded with Diamonds and White Gold. True to its name, Isabella, this fabulous creation will sit atop your heart, symbolizing the transcendent allure of your beauty and charm. Metal Type...
Pocahontas Feather Necklace with 1/20 CTTW Diamonds
14K Rose Gold Pocahontas Feather Necklace with 1/20 CTTW Diamonds Metal Type 14K Rose Gold Metal Weight 2.49grams Diamond Quality VS/SI-IJ Diamond Weight 0.19cts
Belle Necklace with Diamond Accents
14K Rose and White Gold Belle Necklace with Diamond Accents Metal Type 14K Rose and White Gold Metal Weight 1.46grams Diamond Quality VS/SI-IJ Diamond Weight 0.03cts
Rose Gold Jasmine Lotus Pendant With Diamonds
14K Rose gold Jasmine Lotus Pendant with diamonds Metal Type 14K Rose gold Metal Weight 1.21grams Diamond Quality VS/SI-IJ Diamond Weight 0.09cts
Yellow Gold Anna Wheat Necklace With Diamond
14K yellow gold Anna Wheat necklace with diamond Metal Type 14K yellow gold Metal Weight 3.54grams Diamond Quality VS/SI-IJ Diamond Weight 0.05cts
Tinker Bell Shooting Star Necklace with 1/10 cttw Diamonds
14K Yellow and White Gold Tinker Belle Shooting Star Necklace with 1/10 cttw DiamondsThis Tinker Bell Necklace with yellow and white gold shooting star pendant is all set to prettify, inspire and encourage. A symbolic piece of jewelry, this necklace...
Scatter Waltz Pear-Drop Diamond Pendant
Diamonds of all sizes and cuts come together in this little teardrop of joy.
Starring You Dandelion Diamond Pendant
Fine feathery strands radiate outwards in a movement reminiscent of the sun.
Zena Pendant
Zena Pendant
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates. Metal Type 18k Yellow Gold Metal Weight 9.18grams
Illuminaire Gulay Diamond Pendant*
The 'Rose Moon' or Gulay pendant dignifies all that you love in one jewel. Power, strength, pride, glory, kindred, heart and soul all put together with Diamonds and Rubies. Gulay is our favourite in the Illuminaire collection.
One Calantha Diamond pendant*
A beautiful little flower made with Diamonds and hanging is the tendrils made of White Gold. This pendant is a fabulous fit for the woman who loves nature and delights her heart with Diamonds. Calantha means a little flower.