Shine Bright Diamond Earrings
Abstract Diamonds held together for a unique and striking pair of earrings that will always be noticed.
Irasva Gift Voucher
Unsure of what to buy? Add a sparkle to every special occasion with an Irasva Gift Voucher.
Elsa Ring with 1/10 cttw Diamonds and Sky Blue Topaz
14K White Gold Elsa Ring with 1/10 cttw Diamonds and Sky Blue TopazThis opulent Elsa-inspired ring features a stunning icy blue topaz solitaire gemstone as its center stone. It looks cool, sure. But it is glowing a beautiful glow enough...
Orbit Essential Diamond Earrings
These timeless orbit studs, settle on your ears shining bright.
Snowflake Diamond Earrings
Our Snowflake earrings are the ultimate fashion accessory. They are an essential addition to every woman's precious jewellery collection.
Eclat Diamond Earrings
Bursting with sparkle and dynamic energy, our Eclat earrings are cute and captivating in equal measure.
Circled Fireworks Diamond Earrings
Fireworks on your wrist. Diamonds set in place with a seasoned jeweller's keen eye for detail.
Starlet diamond ring
Dazzling on your fingers, a set of irresistible sparklers sit in a twirling dance with golden hued beads and ribbons. With a sole stone at its heart, this stunning ring is minimalistic yet bold.
Sculpted heart diamond pendant
A fiery heart with its core dressed in diamonds, this pendant is truly a craftsman's masterpiece, stroked with bronze hued mother of pearl.
Sculpted heart diamond earrings
Artfully sculpted hearts are set with a circle of clustered diamonds, making these earrings your next beloved piece of jewellery.
Nova diamond ring
Bold and dazzling, this unusually designed ring will set you apart from the crowd. With geometric shapes crisscrossing and mismatching in a sparkling duel of gold and diamonds, this ring will become a beloved statement piece.
Sade diamond ring
Sitting majestically between your fingers, this stunning ring will make your hand dance with twinkling delight. With ribbons of gold and pavé set dazzlers asymmetrically embracing your finger, this statement piece is a beautiful choice.
Moon hoops diamond ring
Entangled hoops of diamonds sit gracefully at the heart of this ring, twinkling and winking at every ray of light. Set in this golden ring, the dainty design reminds us of a crown of diamonds.
Pear cluster diamond ring
Like a little constellation of sparkling stars, diamonds are placed in a cluster framed in a pear shaped halo. It is a simple, sophisticated and elite ring that can be worn everyday.
Scatter Waltz Junifer Diamond Ring*
The trees branch out to identical, mirroring branches, set with Diamonds and connected with the fiery moulds of Gold. The perfect reflection of the patterns branching out, yearning to touch each other is but a perfect example of order in...
Illuminaire Shawnita Diamond Pendant*
A dessert maze of Blue Crystals and Gold, this pendant is bold and fabulous. The little Diamonds crested in between and the patterned dome gives it a young, regal look. The pendant is named Shawnita, meaning blue Diamonds.
Illuminaire Rialta Diamond Pendant*
A deep green, dark river finds its way around the forest and cascades around in a full circle. The eminent green glow gleams from the centre, radiating around the forest as a magical light. Set with Emerald stones and Diamonds,...
Pulita Diamond Earrings
Our neat little Pulita earrings are perfect for giving your outfits a contemporary sparkle, day or night.
Essie Diamond Pendant
Designed to make you feel uber-elegant, our Essie pendant with its perfect Diamonds and lovely lopped hook, makes for a slender, sparkling style statement.
Soltera Diamond Pendant
A single solitaire held in an embrace of Gold, makes the benchmark for effortless, understated elegance.
Melange Diamond Pendant
A play on a classic ring of Diamonds, the Melange pendant blends simplicity with a modernity with perfect harmony.
Tresa Diamond Earrings
A trio of timeless stones, our Tresa ring proves that sometimes simplicity and grace trumps all.
Duowave Diamond Ring
Perfect for any occasion, this is a stunning two-banded Diamond ring, with radiant Diamond crests within the bands. Guaranteed to receive several compliments!
Pia Diamond Earrings
A cluster of small Diamonds is encased in a slim Gold to give twice the shine and double the glamour.