One Galaxy Diamond Earrings
A beautiful representation of intermingling celestial galaxies radiating a luminous shine.
Lady Earth Vine Diamond Earrings
A vine of Diamonds wraps itself around your ears.
Freeflowing Sway Diamond Earrings
These earrings will sway to the rhythm you set. Like muted wind chimes in the breeze.
One Icedrops Diamond Earrings
Icy fire emanates from this masterpiece of fine-eyed craftsmanship.
One Dewdrop Diamond Earrings
A million molecules of water adhere together to form one drop. Just like the Diamonds here.
One Pointer Diamond Earrings
The Diamonds in this set, though many, all point in one direction - at your elegance.
One Winged Diamond Earrings
These Diamond encrusted wings will carry you far.
One Rhapsody Diamond Earrings
A bevy of Diamonds is orchestrated into this one enchanting set.
Skyward Bound Bouyant Diamond Earrings
Light as a feather, these wings will take you to great heights.
Skyward Bound Swift Diamond Earrings
Weave in and out of the clouds on these wings of Rose Gold and shimmering Diamonds.
Starring You Shower Diamond Earrings
Delicate wires of Gold, with Diamonds at their tips, will enamour and add more fans to your choice.
Starring You Eloquent Diamond Earrings
These Diamonds will have a lot to say about your sparkling wit and Golden demeanour.
Starring You Diva Diamond Earrings
This set can steal the show without even trying.
Scatter Waltz Droplet Diamond Earrings
Diamonds set themselves at imperfect angles to form a perfect drop.
Lady Earth Ivy Diamond Earrings*
A runner plant of Diamonds and White Gold, with flowers that dot its ascent.
Freeflowing Torrent Diamond Earrings
A downpour of brilliant hues and sparkling splendour.
Skyward Bound Lift-Off Diamond Earrings
Reach for the skies on these delicate wings crafted from Diamonds and Gold.
One Mazarine Diamond Earrings*
Born out of seas, the distinct glitter resonates with no other than moonlight on dark deep waters. Sprinkled with such moonlight, these Diamond earrings are named Mazarine, a French name that means the deep colour of the sea.
One Sonja Diamond Earrings*
Mirrors of wisdom shaped first like a window into self and then into a drop of the future. The mirror is enchanted with Diamond-like shine forever. These are the Sonja earrings, made for the wise dreamer.
One Sunniva Diamond Earrings*
A protector of the Earth, the Sun gives us heat, radiance, perfect temperature, and the possibility of life. The Sun's gifts are numerous and it is our favourite star. Studded with Diamonds in White Gold, this pair of earrings is...
Skyward bound Altaira Diamond Earrings*
A winged Goddess with feathers of Diamonds and Gold, sparkling and connecting with the winds to soar higher and higher. Straddled on the wearer's ears, they whisper words of encouragement to reach beyond the skies.
Elements Ember Diamond Earring*
From smouldering ashes, a new phoenix is born, all the fiery ashes left behind as witness to the bird. The colours of these ashes are deep red and orange, and they shine like jewels. This pair of earrings is inspired...
Charmante Diamond Earrings
Chic and charming, these earrings showcase a dazzling Diamonds with elan.
Atzi Diamond Earrings
Inspired by ancient Aztec traditions, our Atzi earrings make a striking style statement.