Freeflowing Quest Diamond Ring
Multiple exciting journeys envisioned in this versatile ring, a proud remembrance for your expeditions.
Elements Regnant Diamond Ring
Showcasing a regal representation of Diamonds, fit for a royal ensemble.
Starring You Matinee Diamond Ring*
This ring carries the stardust of fame lightly on its petite frame.
Neri Diamond Ring*
A scalding, burning fire with unyielding icicles in the middle, it's not hot, nor cold, but startling and dazzling on her finger. This stunning ring is a fabulous mix of Diamonds and Gold, artfully placed in a looming, yet tine...
Orbit Diamond Ring
The Orbit Ring is a dramatic solitaire surrounded by a filigree of fabulous Diamonds that creates a mesmerizing piece of fine jewellery.
One Carina Diamond Ring*
In a sea of sparkling Diamonds, a river of Gold mould their way around in a ring of beauty. This ring is inspired from the timeless universe, the oneness of galaxies, uniting all the stars alike in a path moulded,...
Scatter Waltz Sparkway Diamond Ring
Watch the sparks fly, as you slip this ring of baguettes on to your finger.
Scatter Waltz Spurt Diamond Ring
Diamonds spread out like the first rays of the morning sun.
Scatter Waltz Disperse Diamond Ring
Each Diamond rising from the core, reaching for the light. Like the branches of a Diamond tree.
Scatter Waltz Eyelet Diamond Ring
The twinkle in your eyes now reflected on your finger.
Scatter Waltz Ignite Diamond Ring
An explosion ignited, scattering multi-hued Diamonds to the winds.
Scatter Waltz Taper Diamond Ring
A clutch of brilliant Diamonds point the way.
Scatter Waltz Bloom Diamond Ring
Wear this flower around your neck. Lending its fragrant grace to your radiant smile.
Starring You Concerta Diamond Ring
Slip your finger into this extravagance to know what the high-life really feels like.
Starring You Ferris Diamond Ring
A pinwheel of Diamonds and Rose Gold, spinning in the wind. Or so it seems.
Starring You Daydreamer Diamond Ring
An alluring arrangement of metal and stones, this ring draws the eye in.
Starring You Awestruck Diamond Ring
Your persona finds shape in Diamond, Gold and intricate craftsmanship, in this one piece of awe-inspiring jewellery.
Starring You Drama Diamond Ring
A theatrical production in Diamonds and Gold, this piece always plays to a full house.
Starring You Incognito Diamond Ring
Your fan club now has an emblem. This ring. It's interplay of Diamond and Gold will make it difficult to travel incognito.
Starring You Basket Diamond Ring
A Daliesque interpretation of a rose, this ring plays supporting cast to you.
Freeflowing Cloudburst Diamond Ring
A cloud of Diamonds lets loose a rain of light. This raincloud is all silver lining.
Scatter Waltz Tumble Diamond Ring
Diamonds framed in Golden drops seem to be frozen in mid-tumble.
Regalia Dynast Diamond Ring
A ring that heralds your royal lineage, without making a noise.
Regalia Exquisite Diamond Ring
Hear the hush take over the room, when you walk in flaunting this exquisite heirloom.