When the purest of emotions, ʻIRAʼ or love, formed an eternal bond with ʻSVAʼ the essence of self; an inseparable harmony of self love called ʻIRASVAʼ was born.

The House

Founded in 2019, Irasva has been an evolving expression of the various facets of a woman. Celebrating today’s free-spirited, confident and independent woman. Irasva is about the power of jewellery and the intimate relationship women share with it.

With stores in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad, Irasva is Renaissance Global Limited’s first Indian venture.

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Our Origin


Renaissance Global Limited is a global branded jewellery player. Renaissance designs, manufactures and supplies branded jewellery across key high-potential markets in USA, Canada, UK & Asia. The product portfolio encompasses Branded Jewellery, Customer Brands & Plain Gold Jewellery segments with strong focus on Branded Jewellery division.

The Company has a growing portfolio of brands under licensed and owned segments. It holds synergistic licensing agreements with large global brands, such as Disney, Hallmark and NFL. Under its owned segment, it has a portfolio of brands such as Irasva, Jewelili and Made For You.

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Starring You Awestruck Diamond Ring
Your persona finds shape in Diamond, Gold and intricate craftsmanship, in this one piece of awe-inspiring jewellery.
Skyward Bound Glider Diamond Ring
A dichromatic butterfly, resplendent in Diamond and Rose Gold.
Skyward Bound Arise Diamond Ring
Sitting on your finger, this magnificent ring will remind you to rise above the darkness around you.
One Springtime Diamond Ring
The joy of spring manifests itself in this exuberant piece with the help of numerous Diamonds.
One Flying Diamond Ring
Every Diamond a different chord, coming together in this visual piece of music.
Stellar Diamond Ring
A symbol for love in all its purity, the clear sweetheart Diamond makes this a darling little ring.
Treasure Chest Diamond Ring
Brimming with the most incredible sparkle, this ring dazzles with its clusters brilliant Diamonds.
Earths Core Diamond Ring
Brimming with the most incredible sparkle, this ring dazzles with its clusters brilliant Diamonds.
One Cassia Diamond Ring*
Unending designs have always amused our artists. You start at a point but never find an end. Such designs nudge us to the circle of life, with unending tales at different points, all uniting in one form. This ring is...
One Carina Diamond Ring*
In a sea of sparkling Diamonds, a river of Gold mould their way around in a ring of beauty. This ring is inspired from the timeless universe, the oneness of galaxies, uniting all the stars alike in a path moulded,...
Skyward bound Oberon Diamond Ring*
A winged masterpiece, set with Diamonds in Gold, this gorgeous representation of a reflecting fleet of ice is nothing short of a masterpiece. The mirage of twin wings, identical to every feather is like a reflection, a nature's way of...
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