Scatter Waltz Eccentric Diamond Pendant
A table set for Diamonds who seem to have a mind of their own.
Scatter Waltz Buoyant Diamond Bracelet *
Keep afloat with these diamond studded earrings, ready to take flight soaring high
Scatter Waltz Devina Diamond Ring*
Deer's antlers are one of the finest branched designs found in nature. Our master craftsmen have been inspired by such antlers to create a ring so powerful that it exhumes the strength and bold art. It is named Devina, which...
Scatter Waltz Aitana Diamond Ring*
Made of glory and regalia, this gorgeous ring screams authority and uniqueness. Unlike any other, this ring has the power of empowering the wearer and making her feel superior with strength and love. It was named Aitana, meaning glory.
Scatter Waltz Junifer Diamond Ring*
The trees branch out to identical, mirroring branches, set with Diamonds and connected with the fiery moulds of Gold. The perfect reflection of the patterns branching out, yearning to touch each other is but a perfect example of order in...
Scatter Waltz Edith Diamond Bracelet*
The most heart-warming present anyone could give are blessings and love. This beautiful rendition of both moulded into Diamonds strung together in a bracelet is thus, a perfect present. Named Edith, meaning 'riches and blessings', this bracelet will become a...
Scatter Waltz Nearidei Diamond Earrings*
Nearidei is a Cambodian born, white flower that blooms with four distinct petals. Set in a hoop with leaves all around it, a tiny white Diamond flower sits in Gold, at the wearer's ears as majestic, sparkling earrings.
Scatter Waltz Alvina Diamond Bangle*
Remember those happy days when you and your childhood best friend would take turns in touching the skies on a seesaw? Inspired by the ups and downs of love and friendship, sprinkled with Diamonds on top, this bangle is a...
Scatter Waltz Fronda Diamond Earrings*
Drooping off a leaved stem, this Diamond and Gold plant sits at the wearer's ears, whispering stories of butterflies and birds, forests and gardens. The beautiful rendition of leaves on a branch with a floral top is called Fronda, meaning...
Scatter Waltz Fleur Diamond Pendant*
Born from the little white wildflowers, this stunning little Diamond flower is set upon the heart of the wearer. Close to the heart, it radiates love of nature, of flowers and kindness and soft love. Fleur is French for flower.
Scatter Waltz Seren Diamond Earrings*
A whirlwind of emotions are scattered into a tumultuous framework of Diamonds put together as if from the eye of a tornado. It is vibrant, storming, gorgeous and iridescent. The light scatters off of it like a radiant new-born star.
Scatter Waltz Illuminate Diamond Pendant*
Like a fire cracker's burst of light illuminates the entire sky spreading hope and joy all around.
Scatter Waltz Melange Diamond Earrings*
A graceful assortment of sorts coming together creates this unique and chic piece.
Scatter Waltz Sunray Diamond Earrings
Emanating rays at odd angles, this ball of sun is light personified.
Scatter Waltz Sparklers Diamond Earrings
A glittering dance of Diamonds swaying to their own beat radiates a luminous shine and extravagance.
Scatter Waltz Burst Diamond Earrings
A glamorous burst of Diamonds shooting through the sky, landing on your dainty ears covered in these shinning Diamonds.
Scatter Waltz Stellar Diamond Earrings
A powerful drama with Diamonds essaying the role of stellar showmanship strewn together to curate a masterpiece.
Scatter Waltz Flicker Diamond Earrings
A flicker of light in a sea of darkness can be a silver lining, let these Diamond studded earrings flicker on your ears every day.
Scatter Waltz Echo Diamond Earrings
The three-cornered motif is echoed across this piece to create a work of art for your ears.
Scatter Waltz Disarray Diamond Earrings
Will they swing this way or that? These Diamonds will always keep the world guessing.
Scatter Waltz Tumble Diamond Ring
Diamonds framed in Golden drops seem to be frozen in mid-tumble.
Scatter Waltz Wayward Diamond Ring
All those who wander are not lost. These Diamonds pave the wayward path for the wanderer.
Scatter Waltz Disarray Diamond Ring
Will they swing this way or that? These Diamonds will always keep the world guessing.
Scatter Waltz Crumpled Diamond Earrings
A ball of Diamonds rolled up and crumpled with equal parts delight and disdain.