When the purest of emotions, ʻIRAʼ or love, formed an eternal bond with ʻSVAʼ the essence of self; an inseparable harmony of self love called ʻIRASVAʼ was born.

The House

Founded in 2019, Irasva has been an evolving expression of the various facets of a woman. Celebrating today’s free-spirited, confident and independent woman. Irasva is about the power of jewellery and the intimate relationship women share with it.

With stores in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad, Irasva is Renaissance Global Limited’s first Indian venture.

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Our Origin


Renaissance Global Limited is a global branded jewellery player. Renaissance designs, manufactures and supplies branded jewellery across key high-potential markets in USA, Canada, UK & Asia. The product portfolio encompasses Branded Jewellery, Customer Brands & Plain Gold Jewellery segments with strong focus on Branded Jewellery division.

The Company has a growing portfolio of brands under licensed and owned segments. It holds synergistic licensing agreements with large global brands, such as Disney, Hallmark and NFL. Under its owned segment, it has a portfolio of brands such as Irasva, Jewelili and Made For You.

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Elements Regnant Diamond Ring
Showcasing a regal representation of Diamonds, fit for a royal ensemble.
Elements Eldrid Diamond Earrings*
From wings of magical fire, dancing fumes of sparkling strange substance rise, telling the world of the elemental truths, tales of love and laughter, of nature and the history of Earth. It is made of Diamonds, born out of Earth's...
Elements Anala Bangle
A fiery volcanic eruption sets a liquid flame of gold into an unreal, beautiful bangle. This bangle, with a vivid picture of the unique nature of fire, is named Anala the fire God.
Elements Ember Diamond Earring*
From smouldering ashes, a new phoenix is born, all the fiery ashes left behind as witness to the bird. The colours of these ashes are deep red and orange, and they shine like jewels. This pair of earrings is inspired...
Elements Jazlyn Diamond Bangle*
Flowers have always been a crucial part of decking up. Ornate and dainty fresh flowers would be plucked and used as ornaments from time unbound. Jasmines were such flowers, looking beautiful in sparkling white and leaving a fresh scent. This...
Elements Heather Diamond Bangle*
A flower, like no other, set with Diamonds and patterned with gorgeous strings of Diamonds as well. This gorgeous bangle, formed with the inspiration of a thousand flowers of Heather, is meant for someone in love with flowers.
Elements Vernonia Diamond Bangle*
Of trees and little plants, creepers have been mates since time immortal. Moving ahead on a tendril for a stem, they redefine strength and forwardness. This beautiful set of Diamonds is inspired from beautiful creepers named Vernonia.
Elements Emory Diamond Bangle*
Crude and essential, Diamonds are polished to a shine before being placed in ornaments and jewellery. These ornate elements of nature are sturdy, hard and full of strength, just like the precious wearer. This bangle was named Emory to pay...
Elements Cataleya Diamond Bracelet*
Emeralds and Gold are fused together in this gorgeous rendition of an intricate ornament. Cataleya, meaning blessed and pure, is rightly named as this bangle brings out the purest and most genuine blush of the woman wearing it.
Elements Elegance Diamond Pendant*
An elegant play with spaces created to enthral the audience with its raw nature
Elements Ignite Diamond Earring
Let the light shine brightly on you, igniting a sparkling outburst of Diamonds.
Elements Emblem Diamond Pendant
A royal emblem, light and airy like the feather delicately settling on your neck.
Elements Veined Diamond Earrings
Like veins of a leaf, the Gold bridges across this luminous crescent.
Elements Symmetral Diamond Earrings
This pair of earrings enthrals and tantalise with its raw sensuality.
Elements Organic Bracelet
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.
Elements Swirl Bracelet
A many-chambered swirl of raw beauty.
Elements Rosetta Diamond Ring
This undulating masterpiece takes the classic design of a rose, and gives it a not-so-classic reinterpretation.
Elements Membrane Diamond Ring
A piece where the Diamonds and Gold are as tantalizing as the odd-shaped voids they leave in between.
Elements Organic Diamond Earrings
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.
Elements Cluster Diamond Earrings
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.
Elements Cluster Diamond Pendant
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates
Elements Purity Diamond Pendant
This almost pristine design explores a natural beauty rarely seen.
Elements Pinwheel Diamond Earrings
This set of earrings is reminiscent of a bygone charm. Confident and spectacular.
Elements Shadow Diamond Earrings
One earring casts a shadow on your skin, while the other has a shadow cast in Gold. Both match, without being the same.