Audette Diamond Earrings
Imagine a bird photographed mid-flight, as her wings are yet to open up completely and her head is diving forward. Such is the inspiration behind this magnificent design. The Audette earrings are made with White Gold, and gilded with precious...
Midnight Diamond Earrings
For all the moon and star lovers, our Midnight earrings are perfect to appreciate your love for them. Metal Type 10K Pink Gold Metal Weight 3.21grams Diamond Quality VS/SI-GH Diamond Weight 0.01cts
Snow White Bow Earrings with Diamonds
14K Rose Gold Snow White Bow Earrings with DiamondsPetite and pretty, this fashion jewelry inspired by Snow White features a delicately knotted slender bow in Rose gold decorated with diamonds on its center. These earrings present an elegant and understated...
Bow Enamel Earrings
Dress up for the special moments and flaunt the bow stud earrings with any attire. Metal Type 10k Rose Gold Metal Weight 1.48grams
Belle Rose Studd Earrings with 1/20 cttw Diamonds
14K Rose Gold Belle Rose Stud Earrings with 1/20 cttw DiamondsA must-have woman's jewelry. This Enchanted Disney Belle Earrings features a Rose gold stud shaped like the iconic rose in Beauty and the Beast. At the center of the shiny...
Starring you Aroa Diamond Earrings*
A distinctive pattern inspired by a clock sits with Diamonds and webs of Gold. Just like time immortal, organised by the face of a clock, this timeless piece is brought to order by the unique patterns and art. It was...
Fiores Diamond Earrings
Inspired by nature's prettiest creation, these flower-shaped earrings define beauty and grace.
Pelsin Diamond Earrings
The bright blue sky can be reflected in a thousand little rays bouncing of the Diamonds on this magnificent pair of earrings. On a vine of Gold, Diamond leaves tell us the ornate stories of beauty in nature. Pelsin is...
Piper Diamond Earrings
The melody and tinkle of windchimes come to mind as these delicate, tall earrings dangle at the wearer's ears. A playful, yet chic, rendition of feathery windchimes are gilded in Gold and named Piper, after the beautiful flute. Metal Type...
Novalise Diamond Earrings
A star brighter and stronger than any other, Novalise is the hero of many a tales. Gleaming with radiance so pure, it is hard to look directly at it. We've named these phenomenal Diamond earrings after Novalise, as they mirror...
Fearne Diamond Earrings
Tiny little wildflowers flourish your garden at every corner you see. They're pettier than the tended roses or daisies. You pluck them and put them on your ears, with petals made of Diamonds and a stem of Gold. This beautiful...
Myrna Diamond Earrings
These are Diamonds that are as precious, as unique and as cherished as the wearer's heart. Myrna, a Gaelic name, means the 'beloved one'. Wear your priceless heart as jewels with the Myrna earrings. Metal Type 14K White Gold Metal...
Kite Diamond Earrings
Imagine a gliding kite, studded with feather-light Diamonds, blinging in the sky as if stars have come closer. These beautiful rendition of little kites give us the feeing of freedom and elevation, both cores to a woman's strength. Metal Type...
Fleur Diamond Earrings
Ever been to a fresh summer garden to pick roses? Imagine two tiny little roses placed over your ears, like two glistening jewels made of White Gold. Deftly designed by our master craftsmen, these earrings remind us of the grace...
Celeste Diamond Earrings
Just like a rare snowflake, this beautiful jewelry has a unique essence of its own. A heavenly disposition, peaceful and majestic, is formed with Diamonds in White Gold into a dandelion like design. These earrings are named Celeste, meaning 'heavenly'....
Sylvie Diamond Earrings
Plucked right from an enchanted forest, this little Golden twig sits with eternal leaves made of Diamonds. A gorgeous rendition of golden and bright Autumn leaves sit as jewels on the wearer's ears. They are named Sylvie, meaning 'from the...
Fronda Diamond Earrings
A little branch of leaves sit idly on the wearer's ears, whispering sweet nothings, just like a swishing tree in a silent forest. These whispers are of brilliance and sheer beauty. The Fronda earrings are named so to mean a...
Chloe Diamond Earrings
A beautiful French name, Chloe means a young green shoot of a new plant. The delightful image of 'Chloe' mirrors the delicate design of these beautiful pair of earrings. A vine of fresh leaves, dewed with Diamonds on Gold is...
Juliette Diamond Earrings
When you say Juliette, you are instantly transferred to the dramatic, romantic tragedy of Shakespeare. And yet, the beauty of Juliette is what inspired these earrings, classy, vivacious and youthful. With Diamonds placed on Gold, these earrings are a true...
Kimberley Diamond Earrings
The South African city, 'Kimberley', is known for its Diamond abundance and is the namesake for these gorgeous pair of earrings. With a name that resonates with royal and majestic temperament, these beautifully crafted earrings are a classic choice. Metal...
Serenity Diamond Earrings
A world of tranquility awaits the one who wears these, with glistening silence that speaks volumes. Diamonds studded in deep White Gold, in classic rounded squares, whispering words of peace into the ears of the wearer. True to its name,...
Dawn Diamond Earrings
Shaped as two little lanterns, with a mighty radiance of Diamonds and pure Gold, these gorgeous earrings will bring a unique glow to your face. These dangling lamp-like earrings are named Dawn, meaning the first light of the day. Metal...
Ringlet Small Hoops
Our Ringlet Small Hoops will be a perfect accessory to go with your bohemian outfit. Metal Type 10k Rose Gold Metal Weight 2.34grams Diamond Quality VS/SI-GH Diamond Weight 0.09cts
Smiley Diamond Huggies
Bring a smile on your loved one's face with these smiley earrings from our Giftables collection. Metal Type 10k Rose Gold Metal Weight 3.4grams Diamond Quality VS/SI-GH Diamond Weight 0.09cts