One Teardrop Diamond Earrings
Let tears of joy grace your beautiful face as you revel in these exquisite teardrop earrings.
One Sunflare Diamond Earrings
Brilliant is a word that finds definition with this set of earrings.
One Alula Diamond Earrings*
A kaleidoscope of Diamonds, sit as a little crown on the wearer's ear. It is built from various pieces, moulded into one, like a constellation of several stars. Alula is a constellation with twin stars, glinting as if a Goddess...
One Oracle Diamond Earrings*
Windows may mean a lot of things, one of them being an opening to another perspective. These gorgeous Earrings fitted with Diamond windows let you see the world with more beauty, more glamor and more sparkle. They are name Oracle,...
One Carina Diamond Ring*
In a sea of sparkling Diamonds, a river of Gold mould their way around in a ring of beauty. This ring is inspired from the timeless universe, the oneness of galaxies, uniting all the stars alike in a path moulded,...
One Amalthea Diamond Ring*
Made of mountains and valleys, craters and ice, Amalthea is the moon of Jupiter. Set with Diamonds and intricately worked on the patterns and the unkempt order of this beautiful ring is a fitting tribute to its namesake.
One Milada Diamond Earrings*
Strings of Diamonds, sparkling, are attracted to the one in the centre, the special one, biggest and brightest, most loved of all. Another ring of Diamonds upholds the rest, framing the one to shine out brightest. The name Milada means...
One Mazarine Diamond Earrings*
Born out of seas, the distinct glitter resonates with no other than moonlight on dark deep waters. Sprinkled with such moonlight, these Diamond earrings are named Mazarine, a French name that means the deep colour of the sea.
One Noor Diamond Earrings*
Dazzling light reflects off of each Diamond, as if the Moon resides within each of them. The Noor earrings couldn't be better named, as Noor is the light within, a glow of beauty.
One Carys Diamond Earrings*
A pair of Floral Diamonds, bound together with rings of more Diamonds, sparkling away hanging from her ears. The wearer is constantly reminded with whispers of encouragement, that she's the one, the most precious, the beloved, the one full of...
One Buttercup Diamond Earrings*
Tiny tendrils of plants sit with A Diamond at each end, glittering against the sunlight. Strung with Diamonds and precious White Gold, these earrings are a testament to nature's finest shapes and designs.
One Sonja Diamond Earrings*
Mirrors of wisdom shaped first like a window into self and then into a drop of the future. The mirror is enchanted with Diamond-like shine forever. These are the Sonja earrings, made for the wise dreamer.
One Fennel Diamond Earrings*
A simple gathering of Yellow Gold flowers, shining with Diamonds set on them like dewdrops, this beautiful rendition of Fennel flowers in Gold is a must-have. Dangling like a floral hoop, this earring sits on the wearer's ears, mingling with...
One Celosia Diamond Earrings*
Celosia Flowers usually grow in bunches, one on top of another until they form a unique shape that looks like a large flower in itself. A culmination of various Diamonds, put together in a hoop to form one large, magnificent...
One Diana Diamond Earrings*
Diana, Goddess of the Moon, she sits in her throne, gleaming with her radiance. Her throne, made of the Moon itself, gleams just like her. She has a unique glow, glinting every few seconds.
One Sunniva Diamond Earrings*
A protector of the Earth, the Sun gives us heat, radiance, perfect temperature, and the possibility of life. The Sun's gifts are numerous and it is our favourite star. Studded with Diamonds in White Gold, this pair of earrings is...
One Altheda Diamond Earrings*
Blooming droplets of flowers, crafted into a platter of floral designs. Diamonds and White Gold sit at the wearer's ears with grace and stunning iridescence.
One Roxanna Diamond Earrings*
Strings of Diamonds falling like dewdrops on a plane surface, leaving droplets behind. Diamonds sit on Gold on these gorgeous earrings, with two parallel strands of starlight bouncing off the jewels.
One Carnation Diamond Bangle*
Twines of White Gold and Diamonds wrap themselves around the wrist of the wearer, gleaming with a radiance that resembles the glow within. A rendition of beauty and strength like no other, this bangle is named Carnation, after the cheerful,...
One Cora Diamond Bracelet*
The oneness of this perfect bangle astonishes us. Perfected by our master craftsmen, this piece of jewellery screams order and magic put together. Dazzling with Diamonds this bangle is named Cora, meaning 'heart', as this is as precious as your...
One Azar Diamond Earrings*
A startling ring of iridescent Diamonds, strung around with Gold. It's a ring of fire, a hoop of magic, a surprise amongst the mundane. It is named Azar, meaning born of fire.
One Miram Diamond Earrings*
Stardust sprinkled onto the wearer's ears, this beautiful design greatly defines an outburst of Diamonds. A hoop of stars reminds us of the Perseus constellation, one of the stars being these earrings' name.
One Peony Diamond Bangle*
A bunch of little Peony buds are strung together to make the perfect corsage. Tiny buds made of Diamonds, strung on Gold, sit at the wearer's wrist, as if a bed of flowers. The beautiful bangle is named Peony, after...
One Iris Diamond Ring*
The timeless tales of infinity shapes this ring. A thousand creative thoughts come together in one design, set with numerous Diamonds, held by pure Gold. The wearer is reminded of the infinite possibilities, opportunities around her.