Garlanda Diamond Earrings
Ornate and ornamental our Garlanda earrings are the perfect party pair to ensure a sparkling evening.
Elements Eldrid Diamond Earrings*
From wings of magical fire, dancing fumes of sparkling strange substance rise, telling the world of the elemental truths, tales of love and laughter, of nature and the history of Earth. It is made of Diamonds, born out of Earth's...
Regalia Darva Diamond Earrings*
The beautiful pattern of a honeycomb depicts a lot. The Queen bee, sits in her throne when all her slaves build a castle worthy of her. This majestic honeycomb is perfect and daunting. The Darva Bangles are a testament to...
Freeflowing Eileen Diamond Earrings*
Light and sparkle both come together in this pair of dazzling earrings as the design allows the creator to find his muse in dangling lamps and lanterns, while the beautiful Diamonds shine with iridescence for an eternal light. This was...
Lady Earth Aquila Diamond Earrings*
Made of stars and celestial surprises, a dainty figure reflects the light of heavens in the night sky. The gorgeous Diamonds, set together closely, takes us to the paths made by constellation, Orion in particular, guiding us to the heavens....
Elements Ember Diamond Earring*
From smouldering ashes, a new phoenix is born, all the fiery ashes left behind as witness to the bird. The colours of these ashes are deep red and orange, and they shine like jewels. This pair of earrings is inspired...
Starring you Avelot Diamond Earrings*
Ruffled up feathers, ornate with Diamonds and Gold, belonging to a little birdie, soon to fly like a lone star in the sky. The jumbled starlit hoops and loops remind the wearer of their beginnings, their ruffled feather before they...
One Kalea Diamond Earrings*
A delicate and exacting set of starlit Diamonds set with exquisite craftsmanship in circles around the circle, a beautiful form of art, and ornately crafted into earrings. These Diamond studs are quintessential for the woman who loves it all!
One Alula Diamond Earrings*
A kaleidoscope of Diamonds, sit as a little crown on the wearer's ear. It is built from various pieces, moulded into one, like a constellation of several stars. Alula is a constellation with twin stars, glinting as if a Goddess...
One Petals Diamond Earrings*
Adorn these delicate petalled hoops striking the right balance with your outfit.
Freeflowing Swivel Diamond Earrings
An eternal bond created between these glamorous pathways put on a spectacular show for the eyes.
Elements Ignite Diamond Earring
Let the light shine brightly on you, igniting a sparkling outburst of Diamonds.
Scatter Waltz Sparklers Diamond Earrings
A glittering dance of Diamonds swaying to their own beat radiates a luminous shine and extravagance.
Lady Earth Vine Diamond Earrings
A vine of Diamonds wraps itself around your ears.
Freeflowing Sway Diamond Earrings
These earrings will sway to the rhythm you set. Like muted wind chimes in the breeze.
Freeflowing Rainbow Diamond Earrings
Joy is a rainbow appearing with the last drops of rain, expressed here in sparkling Diamonds and Gold.
Circled Complete Diamond Earrings
Leave no loose ends; let these earrings complete your collection of hoops.
One Dewdrop Diamond Earrings
A million molecules of water adhere together to form one drop. Just like the Diamonds here.
Skyward Bound Fantail Diamond Earrings
Flutter and fly, just make sure all know you have arrived. With this spectacular fantail of Diamonds and artistry.
Skyward Bound Humming Bird Diamond Earrings
Buzzing with shimmering brilliance let these little beauties hover around your ears.
Skyward Bound Soar Diamond Earrings
Angel wings that shimmer in the light, lifting up your spirits.
Starring You Shower Diamond Earrings
Delicate wires of Gold, with Diamonds at their tips, will enamour and add more fans to your choice.
Lady Earth Forest Diamond Earrings
Silver leaves shimmer in this forest of poplar trees. Dangling from your ears.
Starring You Golden Bloom Diamond Earrings
Diamonds blossom in the delicate sway of blushing Gold.