Circled Heartstring Diamond Earrings
A Golden thread loops through these sparkling hearts, tugging at your own heart.
Sphere Diamond Earrings*
Follow your ultimate goals with these sphere earrings accentuating a glittering path for you.
Elements Eldrid Diamond Earrings*
From wings of magical fire, dancing fumes of sparkling strange substance rise, telling the world of the elemental truths, tales of love and laughter, of nature and the history of Earth. It is made of Diamonds, born out of Earth's...
Regalia Noble Diamond Earrings
The perfect accompaniment to your royal tiara.
Scatter Waltz Sovereign Diamond Earrings
It's more fun when Diamonds don't conform to the status quo.
Scatter Waltz Revolve Diamond Earrings
Diamonds set in orbit around your ears, with you as the mother star.
Starring You Halo Diamond Earrings
A halo around your ears, casting a glow as you walk past.
Starring You Fanfare Diamond Earrings
Grace your ears with this delicate spray of Golden stems and Diamond blooms.
Starring You Drama Diamond Earrings
A theatrical production in Diamonds and Gold, this set always plays to a full house.
Starring You Daydreamer Diamond Earrings
An alluring arrangement of metal and stones, this ring draws the eye in.
Scatter Waltz Splash Diamond Earrings
A splash of water finds expression here in Diamonds.
Regalia Royale Diamond Earrings
On your ears, this 9-baguette arrangement will accentuate your regal grace with aplomb.
Scatter Waltz Jigsaw Diamond Earrings
Spend some time with these Diamonds, and they are sure to all fall in place. Or maybe not.
Scatter Waltz Wisp Diamond Earrings
A string of glorious Diamonds set to the whims of the wind.
Starring You Stellar Diamond Earrings
The stars descend to bless this piece of magic with their stellar radiance.
Scatter Waltz Disarray Diamond Earrings
Will they swing this way or that? These Diamonds will always keep the world guessing.
Skyward Bound Soar Diamond Earrings
Angel wings that shimmer in the light, lifting up your spirits.
Skyward Bound Feathered Diamond Earrings
Diamond encrusted wings to lift up your spirits.
One Floret Diamond Earrings
Petals and Diamonds come together to bring this dazzling flower to bloom.
Skyward Bound Cluster Diamond Earrings
Diamonds coming together as a cluster keeping the magic alive.
Starring You Shower Diamond Earrings
Delicate wires of Gold, with Diamonds at their tips, will enamour and add more fans to your choice.
Freeflowing Rivulet Diamond Earrings
The string of Diamonds twirls as they flirt with gravity. Tantalising close to falling, but never giving in.
Regalia Majestic Diamond Earrings
These Diamonds are set to rule the world, Your Majesty.
Regalia Exquisite Diamond Earrings
Hear the hush take over the room, when you walk in flaunting this exquisite heirloom.