Regalia Loyal Diamond Earrings
Your loyal subjects trail behind you, like Diamonds enamoured by your dazzle.
Regalia Aristocrat Diamond Earrings
The days you don't wear your crown and royal robes, these magnificent earrings should do good.
Regalia Darva Diamond Earrings*
The beautiful pattern of a honeycomb depicts a lot. The Queen bee, sits in her throne when all her slaves build a castle worthy of her. This majestic honeycomb is perfect and daunting. The Darva Bangles are a testament to...
Regalia Alice Maude Diamond Earrings*
Named after Queen Victoria's daughter, this bangle screams royally and majestic following. Belonging to royal families of jewels, Diamonds and Gold are carved into precious shapes and patterns into this beautiful bangle.
Regalia Makeda Diamond Earrings*
A Diamond-shaped window, with classic, ornate jewels hanging from below; it’s a window to see the world more beautifully. Makeda Earrings are named after their muse, Queen Makeba of Sheba, meaning the 'beautiful one'.
Regalia Finial Diamond Earrings*
A distinctive ornament at the apex of any pillar, roof, canopy or window, Finial is an architectural name. This pair of earrings, juxtaposed in a way that reverberates openness and envelopment at the same time, is named after this architectural...
Regalia Eleanor Diamond Earrings*
Inspired from the jaalidar windows of Jaipur, Rajasthan, these earrings have a lot to tell. Of the history of the Diamonds beyond thousands of years and the stories of its muse palaces, whispering words of beauty and poetry to the...
Regalia Fedore Diamond Earrings*
Named after Princess Beatrice Victoria Fedore of England, these pair of gorgeously crafted earrings reminds us of chandeliers and ornate halls of palaces that gleamed with jewels in ancient times. This bangle, carved with Diamonds and Gold is fit to...
Regalia Alizeh Diamond Earrings*
Windmills with blades between blades, cut through the wind to create their own direction. Inspired from windmills of old, Diamonds and Gold put together make this beautiful pair of earrings named Alizeh, meaning wind.
Regalia Milcah Diamond Ring*
The exuberance tale of two towers connected by the most beautiful bridge has been created and recreated over and again. We're connecting your two fingers, strengthened together, with a bridge of Diamonds set in Gold. This is named after Milcah,...
Regalia Rheannon Diamond Ring*
Ever seen a Queen's headdress? In ancient times, they were made of flowers stacked upon each other, then dipped in Gold. This ring reminds us of such tiaras, with Diamonds cocooned in Gold are placed on each other as they...
Regalia Briar Diamond Ring*
A chaotic symmetry unfolds in this beautiful ring with Diamond studded envelops stacked next to each other. A similar kind of stacking can be seen in wildflowers, chaotic yet so powerfully in order. The nature of such designs makes them...
Regalia Paisley Diamond Ring*
Unifying in design, a paisley is never set alone - it always has a mate, a partner. A twin floral shape, Paisley inspired this design of a dual ring, connected by Diamonds, separated by a beautiful pattern. This intrinsic yet...
Regalia Linden Diamond Ring*
Mirages of mirrors, identical Diamond studded shapes form this masterpiece of a ring. The twin forms of the ring set the unifying sense of togetherness and likelihood. Sisters in shape, this ring was named after a beautiful tree.
Regalia Caius Diamond Earrings*
A set fit for the Queen, this artistic pattern is made of the most beautiful, rare and carefully crafted pieces of Diamonds, gilded in Gold. Caius means happiness, just as these earrings bring happiness to the wearer.
Regalia Lennon Diamond Bangle*
Self-love is a power, so enchanting and beautiful that it diminishes every other dazzle. A bangle designed with love, this one is named Lennon, or a lover. The wearer is their own true love after all.
Regalia Mikayla Diamond Bangle*
Divine like a Goddess or an angel of heavens above, the wearer has power, beauty and greatness within. The bangle suggests a unique strength in Diamonds set in Gold, named Mikayla after the Goddess of strength.
Regalia Darina Diamond Bangle*
Ornate pillars and arches of old Indian temples have their own royal charm. This bangle, inspired from such majestic temples, brings out the regal muse within the wearer. This is named Darina, meaning a fitting present.
Regalia Zahra Diamond Pendant*
Diamond are put together in a design worthy of cosmic energy, bound by Gold and strung onto the wearer's neck, dazzling her shine along with its own. This is a masterpiece, worked on for hours by our artists, a product...
Regalia Faunia Diamond Pendant*
To be amongst friends is the happiest part of life. A twin pendant piece of jewellery, this pendant suggests the bond between two eccentric friends, unique and polished like two Diamonds brought together. This is named Faunia, meaning 'to befriend'...
Regalia Eavan Diamond Pendant*
A glamorous Diamond, encased in Gold envelop, is so enchanting and bedazzling that it becomes the pride of the wearer. A pendant fit for Her Majesty, it reminds us of royal balls with velvet gowns and silk drapes. A part...
Regalia Rosalind Diamond Bangle*
Craters and white matter and a shiny reflection, moons have so much inspiration hidden on their surface. Our designers were inspired by such a moon of Uranus, called Rosalind, to create this beautiful Diamond bangle, all set with hills and...
Regalia Eridanus Diamond Ring*
Flowing rivers have a charm unmet. They are kissed by Sun's rays through the day and mirror the moon through the night. A sparkling engaging phenomenon, flowing rivers are forever inspiration to our artists. It is named Eridanus, meaning 'river'.
Regalia Baguetta Diamond Earrings
The classic silhouette of a baguette finds resonance in its enclosing form. Wear it when sitting for your portrait.