Lynette Diamond Pendant*
Deep into the lake, the light of the night glowers back, as if emitting radiance like no other in its brilliant glory. Lynette earrings are named such as an ode to a 'little lake'.
Illuminaire Shawnita Diamond Pendant*
A dessert maze of Blue Crystals and Gold, this pendant is bold and fabulous. The little Diamonds crested in between and the patterned dome gives it a young, regal look. The pendant is named Shawnita, meaning blue Diamonds.
Illuminaire Rialta Diamond Pendant*
A deep green, dark river finds its way around the forest and cascades around in a full circle. The eminent green glow gleams from the centre, radiating around the forest as a magical light. Set with Emerald stones and Diamonds,...
Illuminaire Gulay Diamond Pendant*
The 'Rose Moon' or Gulay pendant dignifies all that you love in one jewel. Power, strength, pride, glory, kindred, heart and soul all put together with Diamonds and Rubies. Gulay is our favourite in the Illuminaire collection.
One Calantha Diamond pendant*
A beautiful little flower made with Diamonds and hanging is the tendrils made of White Gold. This pendant is a fabulous fit for the woman who loves nature and delights her heart with Diamonds. Calantha means a little flower.
Regalia Zahra Diamond Pendent*
Diamond are put together in a design worthy of cosmic energy, bound by Gold and strung onto the wearer's neck, dazzling her shine along with its own. This is a masterpiece, worked on for hours by our artists, a product...
Regalia Faunia Diamond Pendant*
To be amongst friends is the happiest part of life. A twin pendant piece of jewellery, this pendant suggests the bond between two eccentric friends, unique and polished like two Diamonds brought together. This is named Faunia, meaning 'to befriend'...
Regalia Eavan Diamond Pendant*
A glamorous Diamond, encased in Gold envelop, is so enchanting and bedazzling that it becomes the pride of the wearer. A pendant fit for Her Majesty, it reminds us of royal balls with velvet gowns and silk drapes. A part...
Scatter Waltz Fleur Diamond Pendant*
Born from the little white wildflowers, this stunning little Diamond flower is set upon the heart of the wearer. Close to the heart, it radiates love of nature, of flowers and kindness and soft love. Fleur is French for flower....
Clara Essential Diamond Pendant
A quintessential pendant, charming in its simple beauty.
Nebula Diamond Pendant
A classy concentration of exceptional Diamonds creates a petit and perfect pendant.
Atzi Diamond Pendant
Inspired by ancient striking Aztec traditions, this fascinating pendant will be the talk of the town.
Heavensent Diamond Pendant
Our Heavensent pendant has an ethereal quality. With a drop Diamond and single solitaire, this dainty and delicate pendant seems to be made for the angels.
Estella Diamond Pendant
The Estella ring dazzles with its burst of highest-quality Diamonds that radiate refinement.
Aurora Diamond Pendant
A singular solitaire encircled with tiny, precious Diamonds it’s the very definition of glamour and luxury.
Pluma Diamond Pendant
Fashionable and flawless, our Pluma pendant is a luminary in our treasure trove of gorgeous jewellery.
Fiore Diamond Pendant
A delightfully flower-inspired dazzler, this pendant defines natural beauty and grace.
Unity Drop Diamond Pendant
A dazzling Diamond encrusted pendant whose brilliance outshines all others.
Cora Diamond Pendant
Be instantly smitten with this sparkling heart that captures the romantic beauty of flawless Diamonds.
Essie Diamond Pendant
Designed to make you feel uber-elegant, our Essie pendant with its perfect Diamonds and lovely lopped hook, makes for a slender, sparkling style statement.
Pleri Diamond Pendant
A celebration of purity and sparkle, an unsurpassed halo of Diamonds dance around a single pear-shaped stunner.
Ria Diamond Pendant
Our Ria solitaire Diamond pendant will light up your life with its shimmering beauty.
Pixi Diamond Pendant
Our small but striking beauty, the Pixi is cute, elegant and the easiest pendant for everyday allure.
Curroni Diamond Pendant
The eternal fascination with the pendant finds fresh resonance in this set.