Circled Heartstring Diamond Earrings
A Golden thread loops through these sparkling hearts, tugging at your own heart.
Starring You Spotlight Diamond Earrings
Never ones to shy away from praise and attention, these earrings bask in their own radiance.
Nebilli Diamond Earrings
Four abstract Diamonds held together by thin stems of Gold make for a unique and striking pair of earrings that will always be noticed
One Carys Diamond Earrings*
A pair of Floral Diamonds, bound together with rings of more Diamonds, sparkling away hanging from her ears. The wearer is constantly reminded with whispers of encouragement, that she's the one, the most precious, the beloved, the one full of...
Regalia Princess Diamond Earrings
A balance between the beautiful and the strong, the innocent and the worldly-wise.
Starring You Antares Diamond Earrings
A star folded from the very firmament it adorns. Origami of Rose Gold and starlit Diamonds.
Starring You Charisma Diamond Earrings
Not all Diamonds are created equal. Especially not the ones that find pride of place in this set.
Regalia Heirloom Diamond Earrings
This scintillating set will put to rest any debate about your royal lineage.
Starring You Fandom Diamond Earrings
Delicate branches of Gold, with Diamonds at their tips, will enamour and add more fans to your club.
Skyward Bound Fairy Diamond Earrings
Dainty wings of Gold and Diamond encrusted White Gold, a reminder that magic is alive.
Skyward Bound Lift-Off Diamond Earrings
Reach for the skies on these delicate wings crafted from Diamonds and Gold.
Circled Loops Diamond Earrings
A simple swish of White Gold encircles your lobes, and brings good luck.
Circled Links Diamond Earrings
Interlinking style with allure, Gold with Diamonds, this exquisite chain loops through your ears.
Circled Shooting Star Diamond Earrings
Wish upon this pair of shooting stars. And if you wished for compliments and praise, consider them fulfilled.
One Cateye Diamond Earrings
This eye of the tiger possesses a glint of elegance, and a twinkle of playfulness.
Lamara Diamond Earrings
Our sparkly festive Lamara earrings make every special occasion a little bit more joyful.
Cavina Diamond Earrings
Captivating contemporary curves define these drop earrings, to make an elegant style statement that complements any sartorial choice.
Circled Moonlight Diamond Earrings
Delicate beams of Diamond encrusted moonlight bend themselves around your ears.
Circled Clutch Diamond Earrings
Arms extend out to embrace and encircle your earlobes.
Illuminaire Minjonet Diamond Earrings*
A tiny blue flower, sparkling like the night sky, studded with star-like Diamonds. These pair of earrings is meant for the one who exhumes the radiance that makes blue stand out, a colour contrasting with the wearer. Minjonet is a...
Regalia Makeda Diamond Earrings*
A Diamond-shaped window, with classic, ornate jewels hanging from below; it’s a window to see the world more beautifully. Makeda Earrings are named after their muse, Queen Makeba of Sheba, meaning the 'beautiful one'.
One Mazarine Diamond Earrings*
Born out of seas, the distinct glitter resonates with no other than moonlight on dark deep waters. Sprinkled with such moonlight, these Diamond earrings are named Mazarine, a French name that means the deep colour of the sea.
Skyward bound Arabella Diamond Earrings*
Like a beautiful alter or an intricately carved wooden harp, these pair of earrings are shaped as a butterfly's sole feather. Winged and fabulous, set with Diamonds in Gold, the Arabella Earrings are one of a kind.
Illuminaire Sorrell Diamond Earrings*
Rose petals dipped in glitter and set in a beautiful hoop is what this pair of earrings reminds us. Set with rubies and Diamonds, set in Gold to create lovely hoops.