Starring You Crown Diamond Pendant
Within its inner recesses, it holds Diamonds set in Gold. A crown set atop the inner sanctum.
Nebula Diamond Pendant
A classy concentration of exceptional Diamonds creates a petit and perfect pendant.
Ria Diamond Pendant
Our Ria solitaire Diamond pendant will light up your life with its shimmering beauty.
Scatter Waltz Droplet Diamond Pendant
Diamonds set themselves at imperfect angles to form a perfect drop.
Starring You Fanfare Diamond Pendant
Grace your neck with this delicate spray of Golden stems and Diamond blooms.
Starring You Signia Diamond Pendant
A curve that defies definition, with pathways paved in Rose Gold between Diamonds around the rim.
Starring You Antares Diamond Pendant
A star folded from the very firmament it adorns. Origami of Rose Gold and starlit Diamonds.
Starring You Ferris Diamond Pendant
A pinwheel of Diamonds and Rose Gold, spinning in the wind. Or so it seems.
Starring You Eros Diamond Pendant
The lead in this production is essayed by the Diamonds, with Rose Gold in supporting role.
Starring You Eloquent Diamond Pendant
These Diamonds will have a lot to say about your sparkling wit and Golden demeanour.
Regalia Four Knights Diamond Pendant
Four Diamonds stand guard, overlooking all that approach you with an icy glare.
Starring You Vista Diamond Pendant
Dazzling Diamonds deck this dainty pendant. A dazzler for your neck.
Skyward Bound Feathered Diamond Pendant
A Diamond encrusted wing to lift up your spirits.
Skyward Bound Fairy Diamond Pendant
Dainty wings of Gold and Diamond encrusted White Gold, a reminder that magic is alive.
Elements Cluster Diamond Pendant
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates
Reina Diamond Pendant
Epitomising elegance our opulent Reina pendant is guaranteed to make you feel like royalty, with a resplendent Diamond at the centre, and marquise around, this is a pendant you'll treasure forever.
One Elmas Diamond Pendant*
A woman's persona is filled with the light of a thousand Diamonds and the radiance of sun-like Gold. Of various moods and experiences, this pendent chooses the centre, the heart of it all - love - and unfolds the different...
Scatter Waltz Illuminate Diamond Pendant*
Like a fire cracker's burst of light illuminates the entire sky spreading hope and joy all around.
Regalia Royale Diamond Pendant
Around your neck, this 9-baguette arrangement will accentuate your regal grace with aplomb.
Aurora Diamond Pendant
A singular solitaire encircled with tiny, precious Diamonds it’s the very definition of glamour and luxury.
Pluma Diamond Pendant
Fashionable and flawless, our Pluma pendant is a luminary in our treasure trove of gorgeous jewellery.
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