Prasi Mangalsutra
A trio of Diamonds sit close to your heart, strung together in a traditional symbol of your everlasting marriage - the Mangalsutra. This beautiful piece of jewelry makes a chic and radiant statement dazzling with every glint of light.
Laila Mangalsutra
A web of nature's finest Diamonds set as tiny brilliant leaves sit in the middle of your classic Mangalsutra, framed by beads of pure, fine Gold and black stone. This gorgeous and elegant piece of jewelry is a classic that...
Elements Elegance Diamond Pendant*
An elegant play with spaces created to enthral the audience with its raw nature
One Rhapsody Diamond Pendant
A bevy of Diamonds is orchestrated into this one enchanting piece.
Lady Earth Tendril Diamond Pendant
A Diamond encrusted slender tendril that will find compliments both indoors, and outdoors.
Starring You Twined Diamond Pendant
A loose knot of Diamonds and Rose Gold, this set hangs frozen, semi-unravelled.
Scatter Waltz Flicker Diamond Pendant
These Diamonds flicker like a flame. Throwing little flecks of light into the darkness around.
Scatter Waltz Oblique Diamond Pendant
Each Diamond set askew, yet all lining up in the bigger picture.
Nebula Diamond Pendant
A classy concentration of exceptional Diamonds creates a petit and perfect pendant.
Ria Diamond Pendant
Our Ria solitaire Diamond pendant will light up your life with its shimmering beauty.
Starring You Signia Diamond Pendant
A curve that defies definition, with pathways paved in Rose Gold between Diamonds around the rim.
Skyward Bound Fairy Diamond Pendant
Dainty wings of Gold and Diamond encrusted White Gold, a reminder that magic is alive.
Reina Diamond Pendant
Epitomising elegance our opulent Reina pendant is guaranteed to make you feel like royalty, with a resplendent Diamond at the centre, and marquise around, this is a pendant you'll treasure forever.
Scatter Waltz Illuminate Diamond Pendant*
Like a fire cracker's burst of light illuminates the entire sky spreading hope and joy all around.
Pluma Diamond Pendant
Fashionable and flawless, our Pluma pendant is a luminary in our treasure trove of gorgeous jewellery.
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