Scatter Waltz Buoyant Diamond Bracelet *
Keep afloat with these diamond studded earrings, ready to take flight soaring high
Freeflowing Norma Diamond Bracelet*
Constellations are heavenly, a set or group of stars that make up legends and myths and tales. They have a cosmic magic about them, fancy meanings and beautiful names. This group of starlit Diamonds is named Norma, after the southern...
Elements Emory Diamond Bangle*
Crude and essential, Diamonds are polished to a shine before being placed in ornaments and jewellery. These ornate elements of nature are sturdy, hard and full of strength, just like the precious wearer. This bangle was named Emory to pay...
Regalia Rosalind Diamond Bangle*
Craters and white matter and a shiny reflection, moons have so much inspiration hidden on their surface. Our designers were inspired by such a moon of Uranus, called Rosalind, to create this beautiful Diamond bangle, all set with hills and...
Lady Earth Forest Diamond Bangle
Silver leaves shimmer in this forest of poplar trees, wrapped around your wrist.
Scatter Waltz Floral Explosion Diamond Bangle
Fireworks on your wrist. Diamonds set in place with a seasoned jeweller's keen eye for detail.
Scatter Waltz Heartful Diamond Bangle
There's no telling the heart what to do. Or these Diamonds how to stay aligned.
Starring You Adulation Diamond Bangle
A delightful arrangement of Diamonds puts this piece in a class of its own.
Starring You Dress Circle Diamond Bangle
Only your close confidants make it inside this circle of glitter and awe.
Elements Lattice Diamond Bangle
A piece where the Diamonds and Gold are as tantalizing as the odd-shaped voids they leave in between.
Elements Curvestone Diamond Bangle
A ripple across a stream, this bangle flows around your wrist with sparkling abandon.
Halo Diamond Bangle*
Inspired from the angelic gleam of an angel's halo, this intricately crafted bangle tells us tales of strength and allure. Diamonds and Gold complement each other in evocative yet dainty motifs, stringing together as a bold, beautiful bangle.
Regalia Mikayla Diamond Bangle*
Divine like a Goddess or an angel of heavens above, the wearer has power, beauty and greatness within. The bangle suggests a unique strength in Diamonds set in Gold, named Mikayla after the Goddess of strength.
One Peony Diamond Bangle*
A bunch of little Peony buds are strung together to make the perfect corsage. Tiny buds made of Diamonds, strung on Gold, sit at the wearer's wrist, as if a bed of flowers. The beautiful bangle is named Peony, after...
Elements Heather Diamond Bangle*
A flower, like no other, set with Diamonds and patterned with gorgeous strings of Diamonds as well. This gorgeous bangle, formed with the inspiration of a thousand flowers of Heather, is meant for someone in love with flowers.
Skyward bound Serafina Diamond Bangle*
The fluttering wings of a Goddess, reaching high, towards the sky, sitting on clouds, resting from her journey. This beautiful winged creature, resting on the wearer's wrist is a little angelic reminder of the heights the wearer might reach. It...
Skyward bound Indaliai Diamond Bangle*
The soft, delicate touch of a peacock feather, each one's unique pattern and radiant beauty has inspired this beautiful Diamond piece. A bangle like no other, this reminds the wearer to reach the skies using her light, strong feathers. Indaliai...
Elements Organic Bracelet
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.
Freeflowing Tide Bracelet
The patterns the tide leaves as it recedes to the horizon, captured here in White Gold and Diamonds.
Elements Swirl Bracelet
A many-chambered swirl of raw beauty.
Endura Bracelet
Steal the limelight with this essential, elegant and complete stunner of a bracelet.
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