Circled Fireworks Diamond Earrings
Fireworks on your wrist. Diamonds set in place with a seasoned jeweller's keen eye for detail.
Aura Dangle Diamond Earrings
These quintessential earrings radiate ethereal beauty and simplicity.
Starring You Emotive Diamond Earrings
Diamonds and Gold collaborate here to tug at the heartstrings of the most hardened critic.
Circled Heartstring Diamond Earrings
A Golden thread loops through these sparkling hearts, tugging at your own heart.
Descara Diamond Earrings
Designed to give you a real wow factor, our Descara earrings are iconic and always in the spotlight.
Circled Mosaic Diamond Earrings
Bit by shiny bit, this set of earrings has been put together. A work of art, hanging from your ears.
Circled Interloop Diamond Earrings
Circles intertwined with circles to form a larger circle. Get more than your fill of hoops.
Circled Silver Harp Diamond Earrings
Music to your ears, these hoops spectacularly combines Diamonds and White Gold.
Circled Rollercoaster Diamond Earrings
This loop of Diamonds and Gold will thrill the eyes, getting your heart to beat faster.
Circled Loops Diamond Earrings
A simple swish of White Gold encircles your lobes, and brings good luck.
Skyward Bound Starling Diamond Earrings
Soar high, on beautiful wings fashioned from stars and Gold.
Scatter Waltz Eccentric Diamond Earrings
A table set for Diamonds who seem to have a mind of their own.
Snowdrop Diamond Earrings
Our Snowdrop earrings are crafted to enhance the glamour quotient of your ensemble. From cocktail parties to a corporate soiree, these earrings can grace any occasion.
Illuminaire Femi Diamond Earrings*
The colour of love mixed with the colour of purity brightens this pair of earrings in a way like no other. This gorgeous set of hoop earrings is named Femi, after 'love'.
Regalia Darva Diamond Earrings*
The beautiful pattern of a honeycomb depicts a lot. The Queen bee, sits in her throne when all her slaves build a castle worthy of her. This majestic honeycomb is perfect and daunting. The Darva Bangles are a testament to...
Regalia Alice Maude Diamond Earrings*
Named after Queen Victoria's daughter, this bangle screams royally and majestic following. Belonging to royal families of jewels, Diamonds and Gold are carved into precious shapes and patterns into this beautiful bangle.
Circled Arcelia Diamond Earrings*
A treasure cove of fine jewels, of radiant light and precious Diamonds sit on a river of Gold, making conversations of immense grandeur and allure. The Arcelia earrings are a gift of priceless iridescence. The name means treasure of heavens.
Illuminaire Sorrell Diamond Earrings*
Rose petals dipped in glitter and set in a beautiful hoop is what this pair of earrings reminds us. Set with rubies and Diamonds, set in Gold to create lovely hoops.
Illuminaire Ciara Diamond Earrings*
Bold and Beautiful, black has always been the classiest of all colours. And gleaming black is an even more mesmerizing concept. This simple and stunning black hoop studded with Diamonds is an easy must-have.
Illuminaire Talia Diamond Earrings*
Born out of a water storm, the deep blues of the ocean and the sparkling Diamonds off the edge of the water glittering at the moonlight have been captured in these earrings. These pair of earrings has been named Talia,...
Circled Edelmira Diamond Earrings*
Curated for the woman of nobility, of class, of high power and authority, this divine piece of jewellery reminds her of her strength. Edelmira is the victorious one, made on her own, stands tall and proud of her making, with...
Circled Alyssum Diamond Earrings*
Named after a beautiful four-petalled flower, the Alyssum Bangle refers to the intricate Diamond motifs as tiny flowers. They are always found in clusters and stick together as a bunch of flowers. This classic piece of jewellery is named after...
Circled Ivanna Diamond Earrings*
Unparalleled craftsmanship is where it all begins. This masterpiece is a Gold bangle, set with polished, exquisite Diamonds in a brilliant design. This gorgeous selection is named Ivanna, meaning 'gift from God'.
Circled Nalani Diamond Earrings*
A deep green glow of still waters in moonlight, radiate the life within. Set in pure Gold, Emeralds sit silent, glinting with smiles every now and then, as if holding on to the secrets of life. The Nalani Earrings are...