Maya Mangalsutra
Delicately crafted with two dainty layers of fine Gold and Black Beads, this Mangalsutra is exceptional. With four dazzling Diamonds, it redefines the holy string of love and adds an eternally elegant sparkle.
Pluma Diamond Earrings
Fashionable and flawless, our Pluma earrings are some of the brightest stars in our treasure trove of jewellery.
Circled Heartstring Diamond Earrings
A Golden thread loops through these sparkling hearts, tugging at your own heart.
Starring You Spotlight Diamond Earrings
Never ones to shy away from praise and attention, these earrings bask in their own radiance.
One Carys Diamond Earrings*
A pair of Floral Diamonds, bound together with rings of more Diamonds, sparkling away hanging from her ears. The wearer is constantly reminded with whispers of encouragement, that she's the one, the most precious, the beloved, the one full of...
Marlowe Diamond Bangle*
Inspired from the pillar tops of old Roman architecture, this beautifully set Gold and Diamond piece screams classic. A quintessential to your collection, this bangle was named after the English driftwood, Marlowe.
Andzelika Diamond Bangle*
Acting as a catalyst in bringing out the bubbling beauty of the wearer, this simple yet fascinating piece of jewellery gushes brilliance. Named after God's messenger, Andzelika bangle translates the subtle might of the wearer.
Genevieve Diamond Bangle*
The tribeswomen of India have mastered the art of lacing flowers together to make a string of garland worn as ornaments. This beautiful string of Golden flowers, wrapped around the wearer's wrist is a tribute to 'Genevieve', the tribal women.
Zinnia Diamond Bangle*
A tumultuous musical of life, strung with Gold and Diamonds, is wrung around the wearer's wrist. She reflects her happy, dancing, prancing moods with this beautiful bangle, named after the cool and edgy flower, Zinnia.
Essential Elsie Diamond Bracelet*
Of rock and ice, the mountains are a shiny affair. Icicles and snow bounce off the magical colours of sunlight in ways impossible to explain. Diamonds, set in White Gold is a similar mirage. This bracelet is named Elsie, after...
Illuminaire Sorrell Diamond Earrings*
Rose petals dipped in glitter and set in a beautiful hoop is what this pair of earrings reminds us. Set with rubies and Diamonds, set in Gold to create lovely hoops.
Illuminaire Ciara Diamond Earrings*
Bold and Beautiful, black has always been the classiest of all colours. And gleaming black is an even more mesmerizing concept. This simple and stunning black hoop studded with Diamonds is an easy must-have.
Taj Diamond Ring*
The ornate arches and windows of ancient palaces of India have inspired this regal and magnificent bangle, clad in Diamonds and welded with pure Yellow Gold. This ornate lattice ring is named Taj, after the iconic monument.
Savannah Diamond Bangle*
Two strings of pure Gold, intertwined in a dramatic, yet elegant, solid bangle. The wearer's delight is speechless in a pronounced spectacle. The bangle is so named for the grasslands of America, with tall grasses entwined with each other.
Scatter Waltz Fronda Diamond Earrings*
Drooping off a leaved stem, this Diamond and Gold plant sits at the wearer's ears, whispering stories of butterflies and birds, forests and gardens. The beautiful rendition of leaves on a branch with a floral top is called Fronda, meaning...
Doe Diamond Bracelet*
Dolled up eyes are the most expressive and most beautiful feature of a woman. In India, big dramatic eyes are often compared to those of a doe, the shape perfectly leaf-like, the lids impeccably set. In pure Gold, this doe-eyed...
Nova Diamond Earrings*
Born just a little while ago, a new star is as white and dazzling as the rest, maybe even more. Two new stars sit on the wearer's ears, whispering the new truth of the universe as they witness it all...
Circled Nalani Diamond Earrings*
A deep green glow of still waters in moonlight, radiate the life within. Set in pure Gold, Emeralds sit silent, glinting with smiles every now and then, as if holding on to the secrets of life. The Nalani Earrings are...
Caldera Diamond Pendant*
Diamonds are designed in a way that they point in all four directions of the compass, maintaining its charm and gleam all around. These Diamonds are placed close to each other, as if a bunch of flowers on a vine.
One Arantxa Diamond Pendant*
A beautiful thorn bush of Diamonds and precious Gold set in various patterns sit like earrings placed on a queen. This pendant represents the harsh truth - a beauty like no other, a strength more power full than any.
One Abilene Diamond Earrings*
Winding up with leaves of Gold and Diamonds studded next to them, several twines of grass set up an ornate home at the wearer's ears. Abilene is Hebrew for grass.
Floret Essential Diamond Bracelet
Elegant curves define your style perfectly in sync with any wardrobe.
Circled Herculean Diamond Earrings
The herculean hoops elegantly capture the intricate designs giving attention to the small details that shine bright.
Freeflowing Swift Diamond Pendant
A graceful representation of the freedom of movement, intricate paths collide curating a beautiful masterpiece.