Maya Mangalsutra
Delicately crafted with two dainty layers of fine Gold and Black Beads, this Mangalsutra is exceptional. With four dazzling Diamonds, it redefines the holy string of love and adds an eternally elegant sparkle.
Pluma Diamond Earrings
Fashionable and flawless, our Pluma earrings are some of the brightest stars in our treasure trove of jewellery.
Regalia Loyal Diamond Earrings
Your loyal subjects trail behind you, like Diamonds enamoured by your dazzle.
Floret Essential Diamond Bracelet
Elegant curves define your style perfectly in sync with any wardrobe.
Alder Essential Diamond Bracelet*
A mesmerising foliage created with the alder leaf, delicately surrounding your wrist.
Scatter Waltz Revolve Diamond Earrings
Diamonds set in orbit around your ears, with you as the mother star.
Scatter Waltz Meteor Diamond Earrings
A ball of luminous light hurtling from your ears.
Scatter Waltz Sunburst Diamond Earrings
An explosion of Diamonds radiating outwards in variegated opulence. Frozen in mid-burst.
Scatter Waltz Droplet Diamond Earrings
Diamonds set themselves at imperfect angles to form a perfect drop.
Scatter Waltz Icicle Diamond Earrings
Diamonds dancing to a silent music, in sumptuous grandeur.
Scatter Waltz Taper Diamond Ring
A clutch of brilliant Diamonds point the way.
Scatter Waltz Snowflake Diamond Pendant
Radiant rays radiate from this circle of radiating radiance. As delicate as a snowflake. And as unique.
Scatter Waltz Disorder Diamond Pendant
Every Diamond, exactly where it is supposed to be, and not where it's expected to be.
Starring You Iconic Diamond Pendant
An eloquent coming together of Gold and Diamonds, this pendant exudes royalty.
Starring You Diva Diamond Earrings
This set can steal the show without even trying.
Regalia Excalibur Diamond Ring
The finger that makes the rules, wears this confident piece of jewellery.
Scatter Waltz Wayward Diamond Ring
All those who wander are not lost. These Diamonds pave the wayward path for the wanderer.
Skyward Bound Bumblebee Diamond Ring
With this on your finger, getting busy was never so beautiful.
Freeflowing Raindrops Diamond Ring
The rhythm of the falling rain has been captured in Diamonds.
Skyward Bound Soar Diamond Pendant
Angel wings that shimmer in the light, lifting up your spirits.
One Winged Diamond Earrings
These Diamond encrusted wings will carry you far.
Circled Wisp Diamond Earrings
A delicate trace of Gold flies through the air, encircling your ears with their effervescence.
Elements Cluster Diamond Earrings
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.
Elements Rosetta Diamond Ring
This undulating masterpiece takes the classic design of a rose, and gives it a not-so-classic reinterpretation.