Freeflowing Swivel Diamond Earrings
An eternal bond created between these glamorous pathways put on a spectacular show for the eyes.
Freeflowing Runnel Diamond Earrings
Resembling a FreeFlowing river, paving its own path, follow this sparkling journey crafted for you embracing all obstacles in life.
Freeflowing Torrent Diamond Earrings
A downpour of brilliant hues and sparkling splendour.
Freeflowing Fluid Diamond Earrings
A horseshoe with luck following suit, these earrings are set to turn the tide of fortune.
Freeflowing Rivulet Diamond Earrings
The string of Diamonds twirls as they flirt with gravity. Tantalising close to falling, but never giving in.
Freeflowing Cascade Diamond Earrings
A trickle of Diamonds, moving to the beat of their own whim.
Freeflowing Waterfall Diamond Earrings
Cascading downhill, these Diamonds put on a spectacular show for the eyes.
Regalia Majestic Diamond Earrings
These Diamonds are set to rule the world, Your Majesty.
Regalia Exquisite Diamond Earrings
Hear the hush take over the room, when you walk in flaunting this exquisite heirloom.
Freeflowing Rainbow Diamond Earrings
Joy is a rainbow appearing with the last drops of rain, expressed here in sparkling Diamonds and Gold.
Freeflowing Dangle Diamond Earrings
Stunning Diamonds that daintily dangle from the flowers set above.
Freeflowing Spire Diamond Earrings
Little drops of Gold glide down this dazzling spire of Diamonds.
Regalia Eleanor Diamond Earrings*
Inspired from the jaalidar windows of Jaipur, Rajasthan, these earrings have a lot to tell. Of the history of the Diamonds beyond thousands of years and the stories of its muse palaces, whispering words of beauty and poetry to the...
One Sunniva Diamond Earrings*
A protector of the Earth, the Sun gives us heat, radiance, perfect temperature, and the possibility of life. The Sun's gifts are numerous and it is our favourite star. Studded with Diamonds in White Gold, this pair of earrings is...
Freeflowing Assana Diamond Earrings*
A fall of cold, gushing, white water, glistening against the sunlight like Diamonds falling from the sky. Like a waterfall from a hilltop, this gorgeous pair of earrings came to being. Named Assana, meaning waterfalls, it takes the wearer back...
Freeflowing Chardonnay Diamond Earrings*
When a strawberry is popped into a glass of Chardonnay, bubbles the size of baubles sparkle up to the brim of the glass. This dazzling effect inspired our artists to create this unique pair of earrings, named Chardonnay after its...
Freeflowing Verbina Diamond Earrings*
Clustered together, dangling from its heart, the Verbena flowers have healing powers that strengthen the wearer, make her more creative and happy and keeps away the evil. Verbena flowers helped our artists create this pair with immense love and heart,...
Freeflowing Lobelia Diamond Earrings*
Bright, vivid violet, this beautiful clustered flowering plant blooms in spring. Often called the butterfly flower, Lobelia has white accents in the centre like Diamonds between golden flowers. Cascading down the centre are the pollen strings drooping so beautiful here,...
Freeflowing Ciana Diamond Earrings*
A chandelier's might, its light, is reflected a thousand times, just like a Diamond. Placed in hoops and dangling with droplets of Diamonds, this timeless piece is all about the eternally shining light. It was named Ciana, meaning light.
Freeflowing Gliding Diamond Earrings
Droplets of Diamonds gliding smoothly on your ears create a dazzling display of exquisite craftsmanship.
Freeflowing Pirouette Diamond Earrings
Watch them twirl and swing, turn and spin. Little chandeliers of light, dangling from your ears.
Starring You Bellhoop Diamond Earrings
Add to your collection of heirlooms with this sparkling beauty.
Freeflowing Comet Diamond Earrings
A star of no fixed constellation, these earrings blaze their own sparkling trail.
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