Circled Fireworks Diamond Earrings
Fireworks on your wrist. Diamonds set in place with a seasoned jeweller's keen eye for detail.
Circled Heartstring Diamond Earrings
A Golden thread loops through these sparkling hearts, tugging at your own heart.
Circled Arcelia Diamond Earrings*
A treasure cove of fine jewels, of radiant light and precious Diamonds sit on a river of Gold, making conversations of immense grandeur and allure. The Arcelia earrings are a gift of priceless iridescence. The name means treasure of heavens.
Circled Edelmira Diamond Earrings*
Curated for the woman of nobility, of class, of high power and authority, this divine piece of jewellery reminds her of her strength. Edelmira is the victorious one, made on her own, stands tall and proud of her making, with...
Circled Alyssum Diamond Earrings*
Named after a beautiful four-petalled flower, the Alyssum Bangle refers to the intricate Diamond motifs as tiny flowers. They are always found in clusters and stick together as a bunch of flowers. This classic piece of jewellery is named after...
Circled Ivanna Diamond Earrings*
Unparalleled craftsmanship is where it all begins. This masterpiece is a Gold bangle, set with polished, exquisite Diamonds in a brilliant design. This gorgeous selection is named Ivanna, meaning 'gift from God'.
Circled Nalani Diamond Earrings*
A deep green glow of still waters in moonlight, radiate the life within. Set in pure Gold, Emeralds sit silent, glinting with smiles every now and then, as if holding on to the secrets of life. The Nalani Earrings are...
Circled Ezhal Diamond Earrings*
Strings of Diamonds hang in a two loops, closely snuggling into each other. Shining bright, these Diamonds reflect the light of a thousand stars, as if reflecting the heavens itself. A miracle resembling the flowers of heaven, the Ezhal earrings...
One Alula Diamond Earrings*
A kaleidoscope of Diamonds, sit as a little crown on the wearer's ear. It is built from various pieces, moulded into one, like a constellation of several stars. Alula is a constellation with twin stars, glinting as if a Goddess...
Circled Carwen Diamond Earrings*
Hoops of Diamonds, mounded on Gold as if a Queen's crown sparkles like a wave of the ocean, swirling with the tide, and the sun gleaming through it.
Circled Diamond Ring-A-Ring Diamond Earrings
Diamonds hold hands and dance around your earlobes in childlike glee.
Circled Tria Diamond Earrings
These Tria earrings are a perfect infusion of modern lines and classic designs.
Circled Clutch Diamond Earrings
Arms extend out to embrace and encircle your earlobes.
Circled Elegant Diamond Earrings
A mosaic of movements captured in these intricately Diamond studded hoops, paint a pretty picture on your ears.
Circled Sequence Diamond Earrings
Overcome obstacles with these sequenced hoops, paving an interlinked Diamond studded Gold path for you to fulfil your ambitions.
Circled Spheres Diamond Earrings
Envision a spherical dance of gold and diamonds interlinked to give you a complete look.
Circled Camaraderie Diamond Earrings
When diamonds collide, a playful camaraderie is formed between them creating these beautiful and delicate hoops
Circled Concentric Diamond Earrings
Two delicate lines of diamonds gently curve around your lobes, in a synchronised display of sophistication.
Circled Dainty Diamond Earrings
Leave no look incomplete with these Dainty earrings, as they quitely settle on your ears exuding elegance.
Circled Moonlight Diamond Earrings
Delicate beams of Diamond encrusted moonlight bend themselves around your ears.
Circled Elementry Diamond Earrings
Simple and minimalistic, these hoop earrings are versatile pieces that will amp up the look with all outfits.
Circled Loop Diamond Earrings
The eternal fascination with the loop finds fresh resonance in this set.
Circled Cirque Diamond Earrings
A few thoughtfully-placed Diamonds hold a certain simple charm. Evident in these exquisite hoops.
Circled Maya Diamond Earrings
Our Maya earrings are the ultimate fashion accessory. They are an essential addition to every woman's precious jewellery collection.