Scatter Waltz Taper Diamond Ring
A clutch of brilliant Diamonds point the way.
Regalia Excalibur Diamond Ring
The finger that makes the rules, wears this confident piece of jewellery.
Scatter Waltz Wayward Diamond Ring
All those who wander are not lost. These Diamonds pave the wayward path for the wanderer.
Skyward Bound Bumblebee Diamond Ring
With this on your finger, getting busy was never so beautiful.
Freeflowing Raindrops Diamond Ring
The rhythm of the falling rain has been captured in Diamonds.
Elements Rosetta Diamond Ring
This undulating masterpiece takes the classic design of a rose, and gives it a not-so-classic reinterpretation.
Astrata Diamond Ring
The abstract composition is light and breezy with two solitaires that twinkle on this triband beauty.
Imperia Diamond Ring
Commanding attention, this bold, regal ring announces its brilliance with aplomb.
Alexa Diamond Ring
Curved bands of studded Diamonds culminate in lustrous spheres to make the Alexa an attractive ring from any occasion.
Taj Diamond Ring*
The ornate arches and windows of ancient palaces of India have inspired this regal and magnificent bangle, clad in Diamonds and welded with pure Yellow Gold. This ornate lattice ring is named Taj, after the iconic monument.
Scatter Waltz Tumble Diamond Ring
Diamonds framed in Golden drops seem to be frozen in mid-tumble.
Starring You Concerta Diamond Ring
Slip your finger into this extravagance to know what the high-life really feels like.
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