When the purest of emotions, ʻIRAʼ or love, formed an eternal bond with ʻSVAʼ the essence of self; an inseparable harmony of self love called ʻIRASVAʼ was born.

The House

Founded in 2019, Irasva has been an evolving expression of the various facets of a woman. Celebrating today’s free-spirited, confident and independent woman. Irasva is about the power of jewellery and the intimate relationship women share with it.

With stores in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad, Irasva is Renaissance Global Limited’s first Indian venture.

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Our Origin


Renaissance Global Limited is a global branded jewellery player. Renaissance designs, manufactures and supplies branded jewellery across key high-potential markets in USA, Canada, UK & Asia. The product portfolio encompasses Branded Jewellery, Customer Brands & Plain Gold Jewellery segments with strong focus on Branded Jewellery division.

The Company has a growing portfolio of brands under licensed and owned segments. It holds synergistic licensing agreements with large global brands, such as Disney, Hallmark and NFL. Under its owned segment, it has a portfolio of brands such as Irasva, Jewelili and Made For You.

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Descara Diamond Earrings
Designed to give you a real wow factor, our Descara earrings are iconic and always in the spotlight.
Scatter Waltz Burst Diamond Earrings
A glamorous burst of Diamonds shooting through the sky, landing on your dainty ears covered in these shinning Diamonds.
Scatter Waltz Pear-Drop Diamond Earrings
Diamonds of all sizes and cuts come together in these little teardrops of joy.
Scatter Waltz Oblique Diamond Earrings
Each Diamond set askew, yet all lining up in the bigger picture.
Regalia Trinity Diamond Earrings
Three Diamonds rule the east, three the west. While you keep an eye on the North.
Scatter Waltz Disperse Diamond Earrings
Each Diamond rising from the core, reaching for the light. Like the branches of a Diamond tree.
Starring You Matinee Diamond Earrings
These earrings carry the stardust of fame lightly on their petite frame.
Elements Amoeba Diamond Earrings
The detachable amoeba earrings wrapped around the earlobes look exquisite.
Elements Shadow Diamond Earrings
One earring casts a shadow on your skin, while the other has a shadow cast in Gold. Both match, without being the same.
Circled Squared Diamond Earrings
A circle with four corners, these loops deviates from the basic design of a hoop, without straying too far.
Circled Semihoop Diamond Earrings
Diamonds that are loopy, but not gone completely round the bend.
Circled Charm Diamond Earrings
Charms that can dangle from your ears.
Circled Friend'S Diamond Earrings
If Diamonds are a girl's best friend and hoops too, then welcome these into your BFF circle.
Charmante Diamond Earrings
Chic and charming, these earrings showcase a dazzling Diamonds with elan.
Valentino Diamond Earrings
An attractive and alluring pair, our Zyan earrings will become your go-to evening accessory for now and forever.
Clasica Diamond Earrings
Clasica captures the essence of these simple, understated earrings. These are for you alone - something precious, something personal.
Regalia Two Kingdoms Diamond Earrings
The merger of two diamante realms, to make one powerful kingdom.
One Milada Diamond Earrings*
Strings of Diamonds, sparkling, are attracted to the one in the centre, the special one, biggest and brightest, most loved of all. Another ring of Diamonds upholds the rest, framing the one to shine out brightest. The name Milada means...
Atzi Diamond Earrings
Inspired by ancient Aztec traditions, our Atzi earrings make a striking style statement.
Illuminaire Crimson Diamond Earrings*
In the world of upside down, droplets are the most beautiful form. Stranded like a pear drop that is about to give birthto another drop, this shape when studded with Rubies and Diamonds is a design apart.
Scatter Waltz Flicker Diamond Earrings
A flicker of light in a sea of darkness can be a silver lining, let these Diamond studded earrings flicker on your ears every day.
Circled Sequence Diamond Earrings
Overcome obstacles with these sequenced hoops, paving an interlinked Diamond studded Gold path for you to fulfil your ambitions.
Circled Camaraderie Diamond Earrings
When diamonds collide, a playful camaraderie is formed between them creating these beautiful and delicate hoops
Elements Symmetral Diamond Earrings
This pair of earrings enthrals and tantalise with its raw sensuality.