Pluma Diamond Earrings
Fashionable and flawless, our Pluma earrings are some of the brightest stars in our treasure trove of jewellery.
Regalia Loyal Diamond Earrings
Your loyal subjects trail behind you, like Diamonds enamoured by your dazzle.
Scatter Waltz Revolve Diamond Earrings
Diamonds set in orbit around your ears, with you as the mother star.
Scatter Waltz Meteor Diamond Earrings
A ball of luminous light hurtling from your ears.
Scatter Waltz Sunburst Diamond Earrings
An explosion of Diamonds radiating outwards in variegated opulence. Frozen in mid-burst.
Scatter Waltz Droplet Diamond Earrings
Diamonds set themselves at imperfect angles to form a perfect drop.
Scatter Waltz Icicle Diamond Earrings
Diamonds dancing to a silent music, in sumptuous grandeur.
Starring You Diva Diamond Earrings
This set can steal the show without even trying.
One Winged Diamond Earrings
These Diamond encrusted wings will carry you far.
Circled Wisp Diamond Earrings
A delicate trace of Gold flies through the air, encircling your ears with their effervescence.
Elements Cluster Diamond Earrings
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.
One Solaris Diamond Earrings
When the sun and its rays shine as one, nothing can outshine their brilliance.
Circled Crescent Diamond Earrings
A dainty curve bedecked with fragrant Diamonds, it invites your imagination to complete the rest of it.
One Circlet Diamond Earrings
Everything is not what it seems. This set of Diamonds is sure to have you going in circles.
Circled Dainty Diamond Earrings
Leave no look incomplete with these Dainty earrings, as they quitely settle on your ears exuding elegance.
One Abilene Diamond Earrings*
Winding up with leaves of Gold and Diamonds studded next to them, several twines of grass set up an ornate home at the wearer's ears. Abilene is Hebrew for grass.
Circled Herculean Diamond Earrings
The herculean hoops elegantly capture the intricate designs giving attention to the small details that shine bright.
Nova Diamond Earrings*
Born just a little while ago, a new star is as white and dazzling as the rest, maybe even more. Two new stars sit on the wearer's ears, whispering the new truth of the universe as they witness it all...
One Sonja Diamond Earrings*
Mirrors of wisdom shaped first like a window into self and then into a drop of the future. The mirror is enchanted with Diamond-like shine forever. These are the Sonja earrings, made for the wise dreamer.
Circled Nalani Diamond Earrings*
A deep green glow of still waters in moonlight, radiate the life within. Set in pure Gold, Emeralds sit silent, glinting with smiles every now and then, as if holding on to the secrets of life. The Nalani Earrings are...
One Solitude Diamond Earrings
Savour your hours of freedom and solitude in style with these exquisite earrings.
Circled Elegant Diamond Earrings
A mosaic of movements captured in these intricately Diamond studded hoops, paint a pretty picture on your ears.
Circled Slim Diamond Earrings
A thin thread of Gold holds these specks of light together.
One Pointer Diamond Earrings
The Diamonds in this set, though many, all point in one direction - at your elegance.