Flores Diamond Bangle
A wreath of Diamond circles together to complete in a trio of tantalizing solitaires. Our Flores bangle is a masterpiece that will become a treasured heirloom.
Linked Diamond Bangle
Gleaming and sparkling, this bangle has a delicate Diamond chain with dazzling accents to highlight its beauty.
Surfwave Diamond Bangle
A delightfully flower-inspired dazzler, this bangle defines natural beauty and grace.
Bacchi Diamond Bangle
Like little soft kisses, highlights of Diamonds flit on top of a row of singular beauties making our Bacchi bangle truly unforgettable.
Elegant Diamond Bangle
A glamorous bangle to accentuate your favourite ensemble perfectly, this stunning piece will is the epitome of sophistication.
Soltera Diamond Bangle
A ring of solitaires embraced with Gold, makes the benchmark for effortless, understated elegance.
Pianta Diamond Bangle
Reflecting nature's faultless design, this little leaf-shaped Diamonds encircle your wrist with delicate poise.
Aqila Diamond Bangle
Capturing the dynamism of ocean waves, our Aqila bangle, surfeit with flawless stone in varying sizes, creates a powerful and magnetic allure.
Desiree Diamond Bangle
Our classy Desiree Bangle has two twists of beauty - one a sleek band of Gold, the other a resplendent band of our finest Diamonds. This is a piece you will cherish forever.
Movement Diamond Bangle
A glitzy band of ornate, exquisite circular pendants lends that classic, refined final touch to your outfit.
Meadow Diamond Bangle*
Dainty pieces of Diamonds are placed on tiny little boulders of Gold, as if crafted from a sprawling rock in its natural form. This gorgeous, intricate bangle is a classy example of an essential piece of jewellery. It was named...
Imena Diamond Bangle*
A dream that is full of magical laughter that never stops, of love that never diminishes and of light that never shuts out. This gorgeous dream is put together with Diamonds on Gold, crafted with magic and love by our...
Evren Diamond Bangle*
A whole world of Diamonds is set in Gold, a complete circle, beginning and ending together. Diamonds are everlasting after all. This beautiful essential piece of jewellery is named Evren, meaning the 'universe'.
Dione Diamond Bangle*
Ancient signatures of architects on their work would contain the mighty symbol of two triangles, fused together. The beautiful yet full of vigour design, bound by Gold ropes in this bangle is a redefinition of strength itself. A perfect gift,...
Elowen Diamond Bangle*
A tranquil yet bold design, this piece is a classic! Borrowed from the suitable geometric inspirations of nature, the Elowen Bangle is delicately crafted with Diamonds studded in pure Gold. A name derived from the Elm Tree, this bangle reminds...
Regalia Darina Diamond Bangle*
Ornate pillars and arches of old Indian temples have their own royal charm. This bangle, inspired from such majestic temples, brings out the regal muse within the wearer. This is named Darina, meaning a fitting present.
Savannah Diamond Bangle*
Two strings of pure Gold, intertwined in a dramatic, yet elegant, solid bangle. The wearer's delight is speechless in a pronounced spectacle. The bangle is so named for the grasslands of America, with tall grasses entwined with each other.
Vale Diamond Bangle*
Hills and valleys have stimulated certain nostalgic design elements in our artists' minds. This beautiful rendition of hills and valleys, made with Gold and studded with Diamonds, is a versatile and classic piece that will stay with the wearer for...
Gemma Diamond Bangle*
Sparkling Diamonds enveloped in Gold are set in order, shaped with pillars connected by bridge shaped hoops. This gorgeous architecture inspired bangle was named Gemma after the jewelled precious stone.
Zinnia Diamond Bangle*
A tumultuous musical of life, strung with Gold and Diamonds, is wrung around the wearer's wrist. She reflects her happy, dancing, prancing moods with this beautiful bangle, named after the cool and edgy flower, Zinnia.
Genevieve Diamond Bangle*
The tribeswomen of India have mastered the art of lacing flowers together to make a string of garland worn as ornaments. This beautiful string of Golden flowers, wrapped around the wearer's wrist is a tribute to 'Genevieve', the tribal women.
Bella Donna Diamond Bangle*
The phenomenal woman, a poem by Maya Angelou, talks of the beauty that is within a woman, a bold art form that is in the speech of eyes and gestures of your body and the subtle hints of an emboldened...
Sage Diamond Bangle*
Classic, refined, simple, chaste. This bewitching band of Gold around the wearer's wrist puts life in order. It lets the wearer believe in simplicity and elegance, lets her enjoy the perfection of harmony, the music of a single tone. It's...
Ceres Diamond Bangle*
Set as waves on top of each other, this design was inspired by the rhythm of the ocean. Encrusted with Diamonds, this graceful bangle is perfected with finesse. It was named after Ceres, a faraway planet that's said to have...