Scatter Waltz Floral Explosion Diamond Bangle
Fireworks on your wrist. Diamonds set in place with a seasoned jeweller's keen eye for detail.
Scatter Waltz Buoyant Diamond Bracelet *
Keep afloat with these diamond studded earrings, ready to take flight soaring high
Galadriel Diamond Bracelet*
A dazzling beauty, a fair maiden, crowned with a radiant garland that shines just like her. This beautiful name was bestowed to the brilliant elfen Lady of the Lord of the Rings. Galadriel bracelet is as flawless and glowing as...
Reine Diamond Bracelet*
Diamons in the form of an ornate crown, a majestic significance of strength and power put together and crafted into a necklace. Intricately set Diamonds onto Gold, this necklace is a reminder to the wearer of the queen within.
Heirani Diamond Bracelet*
The ruler of the skies gifted Diamonds to denote stars, while the God of the heavens gifted flowers to the land, a treat for sore eyes and a whiff of goodness. The Lady of the skies and heavens combined them...
Belle Rose Bracelet with 1/8 CTTW Diamonds
14K Pink Gold Belle Rose Bracelet with 1/8 CTTW Diamonds
Belle Rose Bracelet with 1/20 CTTW Diamonds
14K Pink Gold Belle Rose Bracelet with 1/20 CTTW Diamonds
Cinderella Carriage Bracelet With 1/5 Cttw Diamonds
14K pink and white gold Cinderella Carriage bracelet with 1/5 cttw diamonds
Cinderella Carraige Bracelet With 1/10 Cttw Diamonds
14K pink and white gold Cinderella Carriage Bracelet with 1/10 cttw diamonds
Pocahontas Feather Bracelet with 1/6 CTTW Diamonds
14K Yellow Gold Pocahontas Feather Bracelet with 1/6 CTTW Diamonds
Anala Bangle
Anala Bangle
A fiery volcanic eruption sets a liquid flame of gold into an unreal, beautiful bangle. This bangle, with a vivid picture of the unique nature of fire, is named Anala the fire God.
Heart Enamel Bracelet*
Simple gestures can go a long way, wear your heart on your wrist with our heart bracelet
A fruity affair Enamel Bracelet*
Slice it up with this fun bracelet amping up your outfit
XO Enamel Bracelet*
Connect those X's and O's with our versatile bracelet
Cloud Enamel Bracelet*
Be the silver lining on a cloudy day with our cloud bracelet
Squirrel Diamond Bracelet*
The squirell symbolises fun and laughter into your world, Remebr to enjoy the little things with our squirell bracelet
LOVE Diamond Bracelet*
Shower yourself with some much needed self love, appreciate and celebrate your victories with our #love pendant
Celestilal Diamond Bracelet*
A mystical shine surrounds your wrist radiating a luminous glow
Sora Diamond Bangle*
A perfect fusion of geometry and art, this bangle denotes stability at its finest. The Sora Bangle, delicate and intricate, is made of the two strongest shapes - the circle and the cross. Moulded with Gold and studded with Diamonds,...
Thea Diamond Bangle*
Resembling little hearts or the leaves of wild shamrocks, tiny Diamonds are set in Gold in this exquisite piece of jewelry. Bringing nature into art, this bangle lets the wearer know of the irresistible allure of the wild. This gorgeous...
Seraphina Diamond Bangle*
There's a certain appeal to hints of sparkle clinging to raw, pure Gold. Diamonds, set apart in a classy and ornate setting, bring about a magical allure in the viewers' eyes. This was named Seraphina, after a fiery winged Goddess,...
Marlowe Diamond Bangle*
Inspired from the pillar tops of old Roman architecture, this beautifully set Gold and Diamond piece screams classic. A quintessential to your collection, this bangle was named after the English driftwood, Marlowe.
Aranka Diamond Bangle*
Named Aranka, or the 'Golden One', this solid Gold bangle is all about precious, bold and untamed strength. Made with the knots of love, experience and ambition, this lets the wearer feel mighty with every glint and shine.
Jordyn Diamond Bangle*
A twisted twine of Pure Gold is set with gleaming Diamonds in an effortless and graceful bangle. This breathtaking piece of jewelry brings out the inner radiance of the wearer, a jewel placed on the wrist of a jewel.