Skyward Bound Swift Diamond Pendant
Weave in and out of the clouds on wings of Rose Gold and shimmering Diamonds.
Clara Essential Diamond Pendant
A quintessential pendant, charming in its simple beauty.
One Calantha Diamond pendant*
A beautiful little flower made with Diamonds and hanging is the tendrils made of White Gold. This pendant is a fabulous fit for the woman who loves nature and delights her heart with Diamonds. Calantha means a little flower.
Nisva Mangalsutra
The perfect symbol of eternal love, an infinity loop makes for the perfect centrepiece in this mangalsutra . A gorgeous tear drop completes the design and offers a beautiful rendition of an everlasting 'drop of love'. With sparkling Diamonds enveloped...
Moina Mangalsutra
A string of fine, dainty circles of love sit at the neck as a testament to your love. Symbolising eternal love, diamonds shine bright in this masterpiece as a symbol of the wearer's dazzling bond of love.
Garvi Mangalsutra
Fine Diamonds in a versatile design dazzle at the center of this traditional string of eternal love. A luxurious touch to your everyday Mangalsutra, this will add panache and class to your subtle yet exuberant style.
Regalia Zahra Diamond Pendant*
Diamond are put together in a design worthy of cosmic energy, bound by Gold and strung onto the wearer's neck, dazzling her shine along with its own. This is a masterpiece, worked on for hours by our artists, a product...
Atzi Diamond Pendant
Inspired by ancient striking Aztec traditions, this fascinating pendant will be the talk of the town.
Pleri Diamond Pendant
A celebration of purity and sparkle, an unsurpassed halo of Diamonds dance around a single pear-shaped stunner.
Lumiere Diamond Pendant
Glitz and glamour complement each other in our Lumiere pendant. A stand-alone stunner, it will instantly glamourize any outfit.
Starring You Emotive Diamond Pendant
Diamonds and Gold collaborate here to tug at the heartstrings of the most hardened critic.
Scatter Waltz Pear-Drop Diamond Pendant
Diamonds of all sizes and cuts come together in this little teardrop of joy.
Regalia Castle Diamond Pendant
Ensconced in a circle of Gold and glitter, these Diamonds reign supreme.
Regalia Blue Blood Diamond Pendant
The blood that runs in your veins sparkles within this circle.
Regalia Monarch Diamond Pendant
Diamonds tethered by invisible lines, this honeycomb design is patronised by Kings and Queens of yore.
Belle Rose Pendant with 1/10 cttw Diamonds
Metal Type 14K Rose Gold Metal Weight 5.03 GMS Diamond Quality VS/SI-GH Diamond Weight 0.11 CTS
Insia Mangalsutra
A charming and classy centerpiece adds radiance to your dainty, single stranded Mangalsutra studded with pure Gold and Black beads. This chic and classic Diamond oval, framed with two little spheres of Sparklers, is a beautiful rendition of the traditional...
Lira Mangalsutra
Redefine the holy and integral tradition of Mangalsutras with a touch of dazzling Diamonds at the centre of this classic Gold and Black Beaded string of love. Depicting the classic circle of love, this Diamond pendant will add elegance to...
Anaha Mangalsutra
A dreamy and dazzling teardrop pendant sits at the apex of this single string Mangalsutra. Set with brilliant Diamonds, this mangalsutra is as unique as your eternal love.
Lynette Diamond Pendant*
Deep into the lake, the light of the night glowers back, as if emitting radiance like no other in its brilliant glory. Lynette earrings are named such as an ode to a 'little lake'.
Regalia Faunia Diamond Pendant*
To be amongst friends is the happiest part of life. A twin pendant piece of jewellery, this pendant suggests the bond between two eccentric friends, unique and polished like two Diamonds brought together. This is named Faunia, meaning 'to befriend'...
Regalia Dignitary Diamond Pendant
The inner circle of your court, expressed in baguettes.
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