When the purest of emotions, ʻIRAʼ or love, formed an eternal bond with ʻSVAʼ the essence of self; an inseparable harmony of self love called ʻIRASVAʼ was born.

The House

Founded in 2019, Irasva has been an evolving expression of the various facets of a woman. Celebrating today’s free-spirited, confident and independent woman. Irasva is about the power of jewellery and the intimate relationship women share with it.

With stores in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad, Irasva is Renaissance Global Limited’s first Indian venture.

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Our Origin


Renaissance Global Limited is a global branded jewellery player. Renaissance designs, manufactures and supplies branded jewellery across key high-potential markets in USA, Canada, UK & Asia. The product portfolio encompasses Branded Jewellery, Customer Brands & Plain Gold Jewellery segments with strong focus on Branded Jewellery division.

The Company has a growing portfolio of brands under licensed and owned segments. It holds synergistic licensing agreements with large global brands, such as Disney, Hallmark and NFL. Under its owned segment, it has a portfolio of brands such as Irasva, Jewelili and Made For You.

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Lady Earth Aquila Diamond Earrings*
Made of stars and celestial surprises, a dainty figure reflects the light of heavens in the night sky. The gorgeous Diamonds, set together closely, takes us to the paths made by constellation, Orion in particular, guiding us to the heavens....
Lady Earth Vine Diamond Earrings
A vine of Diamonds wraps itself around your ears.
Lady Earth Oceania Diamond Ring
A ring of seaweed entwined around your finger, magnificent in its simplicity.
Lady Earth Tendril Diamond Pendant
A Diamond encrusted slender tendril that will find compliments both indoors, and outdoors.
Lady Earth Petal Diamond Earrings
The artistic beauty of nature, captured in Diamonds. Dainty petals on your earlobes.
Lady Earth Forest Diamond Earrings
Silver leaves shimmer in this forest of poplar trees. Dangling from your ears.
Lady Earth Sprig Diamond Ring
This Diamond-encrusted ring speaks eloquently of your fine tastes.
Lady Earth Laurel Diamond Ring
Leaf and flower intertwine as Diamond and Gold to applaud the feminine around you.
Lady Earth Floris Diamond Ring
Sensuously curled around your finger, this ring of flowers evokes the passion and fertility of Lady Earth.
Lady Earth Forest Diamond Bangle
Silver leaves shimmer in this forest of poplar trees, wrapped around your wrist.
Lady Earth Oasis Diamond Bangle
Wildflowers linked to form a garland for your wrist.
Lady Earth Ivy Diamond Earrings*
A runner plant of Diamonds and White Gold, with flowers that dot its ascent.
Lady Earth Tendril Diamond Earrings
A Diamond encrusted slender tendril that will find compliments both indoors, and outdoors.
Lady Earth Olive Diamond Earrings
A delicate spray of leaf and stem expressed in Diamonds.
Lady Earth Bouquet Diamond Earrings
Bedeck yourself with flowers that never wilt.
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