Shine Bright Diamond Earrings
Abstract Diamonds held together for a unique and striking pair of earrings that will always be noticed.
Circled Fireworks Diamond Earrings
Fireworks on your wrist. Diamonds set in place with a seasoned jeweller's keen eye for detail.
Regalia Aristocrat Diamond Earrings
The days you don't wear your crown and royal robes, these magnificent earrings should do good.
Eclat Diamond Earrings
Bursting with sparkle and dynamic energy, our Eclat earrings are cute and captivating in equal measure.
Snowflake Diamond Earrings
Our Snowflake earrings are the ultimate fashion accessory. They are an essential addition to every woman's precious jewellery collection.
Strika Diamond Earrings
The eternal fascination with Diamonds finds fresh resonance in this set.
Orbit Essential Diamond Earrings
These timeless orbit studs, settle on your ears shining bright.
Starshine Diamond Earrings*
Diamonds are placed in circles around each other, scattering light together as if a large chandeliar constricted into a conmpact globe. A beautiful rendition of a Diamond disk, these earrings are an essential in every collection.
One Oracle Diamond Earrings*
Windows may mean a lot of things, one of them being an opening to another perspective. These gorgeous Earrings fitted with Diamond windows let you see the world with more beauty, more glamor and more sparkle. They are name Oracle,...
Elsa Chandalier Earrings with 1/5 cttw diamond and Aquamarine Briolletes
14K White Gold Elsa Chandelier Earrings with 1/5 cttw diamond and Aquamarine BriolletesThe one final touch you need to complete your poised, regal, queenly look. This pair of Enchanted Disney White Gold Aquamarine Drop Earrings is the power accessory that...
Regalia Caius Diamond Earrings*
A set fit for the Queen, this artistic pattern is made of the most beautiful, rare and carefully crafted pieces of Diamonds, gilded in Gold. Caius means happiness, just as these earrings bring happiness to the wearer.
Alina Diamond Earrings
With a lineage of purity, these simple yet striking earrings glisten as they catch the light.
Circled Mosaic Diamond Earrings
Bit by shiny bit, this set of earrings has been put together. A work of art, hanging from your ears.
Circled Rollercoaster Diamond Earrings
This loop of Diamonds and Gold will thrill the eyes, getting your heart to beat faster.
Circled Silver Harp Diamond Earrings
Music to your ears, these hoops spectacularly combines Diamonds and White Gold.
Circled Twice Diamond Earrings
This set of earrings is twice as good as any other. The second ring of Diamonds makes sure of that.
Circled Orion Diamond Earrings
A belt of Diamonds worn by the hunter in the sky, these Diamonds is a celestial gift to your ears.
Circled Clique Diamond Earrings
No ordinary Diamond can get into this clique.
Circled Cirque Diamond Earrings
A few thoughtfully-placed Diamonds hold a certain simple charm. Evident in these exquisite hoops.
Scatter Waltz Convoy Diamond Earrings
Diamonds form a trail that winds itself around your ears.
Scatter Waltz Cartwheel Diamond Earrings
The joy expressed by these Diamonds cannot be contained. Their exuberance is contagious.
Starring You Aplomb Diamond Earrings
This stellar interplay of Diamonds and Gold is sure to light up the room.
Scatter Waltz Crumpled Diamond Earrings
A ball of Diamonds rolled up and crumpled with equal parts delight and disdain.
Elements Pebbles Diamond Earrings
Like three pebbles stacked upon each other to create an ear-sized mountain of dazzle.