Freeflowing Quest Diamond Ring
Multiple exciting journeys envisioned in this versatile ring, a proud remembrance for your expeditions.
Starring You Matinee Diamond Ring*
This ring carries the stardust of fame lightly on its petite frame.
One Carina Diamond Ring*
In a sea of sparkling Diamonds, a river of Gold mould their way around in a ring of beauty. This ring is inspired from the timeless universe, the oneness of galaxies, uniting all the stars alike in a path moulded,...
Freeflowing Garnet Diamond Ring*
Set with Diamonds like a pomegranate fruit, this gorgeous ring is all about the grandiose of Diamonds. A scintillating experience, the wearer would be proud and flaunt this ring with vigour. It's named Garnet, after the pomegranate buds.
Skyward bound Oberon Diamond Ring*
A winged masterpiece, set with Diamonds in Gold, this gorgeous representation of a reflecting fleet of ice is nothing short of a masterpiece. The mirage of twin wings, identical to every feather is like a reflection, a nature's way of...
Nimue Diamond Ring*
Sitting on a throne of sparkling Diamonds borne of water, the Lady of the Lake oversees the life and laughter of her waters. The Nimue Ring, solid and astrid, is the majestic residence, the throne of the Lady.
Regalia Milcah Diamond Ring*
The exuberance tale of two towers connected by the most beautiful bridge has been created and recreated over and again. We're connecting your two fingers, strengthened together, with a bridge of Diamonds set in Gold. This is named after Milcah,...
Regalia Briar Diamond Ring*
A chaotic symmetry unfolds in this beautiful ring with Diamond studded envelops stacked next to each other. A similar kind of stacking can be seen in wildflowers, chaotic yet so powerfully in order. The nature of such designs makes them...
Regalia Paisley Diamond Ring*
Unifying in design, a paisley is never set alone - it always has a mate, a partner. A twin floral shape, Paisley inspired this design of a dual ring, connected by Diamonds, separated by a beautiful pattern. This intrinsic yet...
One Cassia Diamond Ring*
Unending designs have always amused our artists. You start at a point but never find an end. Such designs nudge us to the circle of life, with unending tales at different points, all uniting in one form. This ring is...
One Azha Diamond Ring*
A tilted masterpiece that brings out the best of the dazzling Diamond set in centre. Set in Gold, this beautiful ring is a sparkling reminder of a unique star, one in a million, named Azha.
Freeflowing Voyage Diamond Ring
Embark on this glittering voyage, move through the radiant paths carved just for you.
Freeflowing Rays Diamond Ring
Arise like the sublime rays spread your positive aura all around adorning our Rays Ring
Skyward Bound Roost Diamond Ring
A mother and child frolic and dance in gold and diamonds.
Freeflowing Melting Diamond Ring
Turn up the heat with this molten beauty on your finger.
Centara Diamond Ring
The Centara ring is a dramatic solitaire surrounded by a filigree of fabulous Diamonds that creates a mesmerizing piece of fine jewellery.
Stellar Diamond Ring
A symbol for love in all its purity, the clear sweetheart Diamond makes this a darling little ring.
Titania Diamond Ring
Masterfully-crafted, this statement ring is ravishing with bold design and stunning Diamonds.
Imperia Diamond Ring
Commanding attention, this bold, regal ring announces its brilliance with aplomb.
One Flying Diamond Ring
Every Diamond a different chord, coming together in this visual piece of music.
One Sonata Diamond Ring
Every Diamond a different chord, coming together in this visual piece of music.
One Euphoria Diamond Ring
The compliments will be as numerous as the Diamonds in this euphoric piece of jewellery.
Elements Rosetta Diamond Ring
This undulating masterpiece takes the classic design of a rose, and gives it a not-so-classic reinterpretation.
Elements Membrane Diamond Ring
A piece where the Diamonds and Gold are as tantalizing as the odd-shaped voids they leave in between.