Fiore Diamond Pendant
A delightfully flower-inspired dazzler, this pendant defines natural beauty and grace.
Pixi Diamond Pendant
Our small but striking beauty, the Pixi is cute, elegant and the easiest pendant for everyday allure.
White Flame Diamond Pendant
A dazzling Diamond encrusted pendant whose brilliance outshines all others.
Lika Diamond Pendant
Our Lika pendant is elegantly crafted to up the glamour quotient of your ensemble. From cocktail parties to a corporate soiree, these earrings can grace any occasion.
Una Diamond Pendant
Filled with the most breath-taking sparkle, our Una pendant is designed to dazzle and is sure to become a special piece in your jewellery box.
Aura Diamond Pendant
This quintessential encircled pendant is alluring in its beauty and simplicity.
Starring You Revolve Diamond Pendant
Three simple rings revolve around each other, to create a star
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