Cora Diamond Pendant
Be instantly smitten with this sparkling heart that captures the romantic beauty of flawless Diamonds.
One Divine Diamond Pendant
Shine on incessantly while you adorn this exquisite pendant.
One Elliptical Diamond Pendant
A sheer description of the circle of life envisioned by golden and diamon studded elliptical leaves encrusted in resplendant pendant.
Skyward Bound Affinity Diamond Pendant
A silver dove spreads its wings to shower with love and affinity.
Freeflowing Dangle Diamond Pendant
An array of Diamonds, freely flowing to their own tune. Capturing the intricate detail highlighting the freedom of movement.
Elements Emblem Diamond Pendant
A royal emblem, light and airy like the feather delicately settling on your neck.
One Galore Diamond Pendant
A beautiful amalgamation gathering lost stars spread out on jeweller’s velvet, coming together to create a fierce beam of light in the sky.
One Harmony Diamond Pendant
A lyrical harmony representing each melodious rhythm with equal aplomb. Coming together to create a masterpiece song of Diamonds.
Freeflowing Waterfall Diamond Pendant
Cascading downhill, these Diamonds put on a spectacular show for the eyes.
Skyward Bound Fantail Diamond Pendant
Flutter and fly, just make sure all know you have arrived. With this spectacular fantail of Diamonds and artistry.
Skyward Bound Trailblazer Diamond Pendant
The train of a peacock finds resonance in this pendant. Dance when dark clouds gather.
Starring You Red Carpet Diamond Pendant
Watch the world step aside as you walk out with this dazzler around our neck.
Scatter Waltz Sweet Chaos Diamond Pendant
Diamonds acting more on impulse than design. The results are breath-taking.
Scatter Waltz Floral Explosion Diamond Pendant
Fireworks on your wrist. Diamonds set in place with a seasoned jeweller's keen eye for detail.
Scatter Waltz Fireworks Diamond Pendant
A firework display frozen in mid-burst, this cosmic bloom will never wilt.
Skyward Bound Humming Bird Diamond Pendant
Buzzing with shimmering brilliance let this little beauty hover around your neck.
Freeflowing Gush Diamond Pendant
These Diamonds will flow over any obstacle. Pure sparkling freedom.
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