Thea Diamond Bangle*
Resembling little hearts or the leaves of wild shamrocks, tiny Diamonds are set in Gold in this exquisite piece of jewellery. Bringing nature into art, this bangle lets the wearer know of the irresistible allure of the wild. This gorgeous...
Leilani Diamond Bangle*
A group of flowers reside in a row, whisper sweet nothings to each other’s ears. This lane of friendly floral motifs in gold set with Diamonds is a rendition of friendship and self-love, of complements and hidden winks.
Sloane Diamond Bangle*
The brilliant radiance of a thousand suns is put together with a rue of Diamonds, with mountain-like patterns creating the illusion of a rugged maze. Meant for a sleek yet phenomenal woman who can take the world in a whirlwind.
Vale Diamond Bangle*
Hills and valleys have stimulated certain nostalgic design elements in our artists' minds. This beautiful rendition of hills and valleys, made with Gold and studded with Diamonds, is a versatile and classic piece that will stay with the wearer for...
Tarni Diamond Bangle*
Hoisting up the waves, the sea lets the gleaming waters dance against the sun, sparkling like Diamonds with the Golden sun. A wave of the ocean swirls into a ring, which is captured by artists in a mesmerizing and enchanting...
Regalia Lennon Diamond Bangle*
Self-love is a power, so enchanting and beautiful that it diminishes every other dazzle. A bangle designed with love, this one is named Lennon, or a lover. The wearer is their own true love after all.
Soleil Diamond Bangle*
Isn't there a harmony, a symphony in art? This craftily made bangle, set with Diamonds in Gold, is a masterpiece that shows rhythm, music as we feel. It was named Soleil, after the Sun.
One Ourania Diamond Bracelet*
The queen of stars, Ourania is a heavenly celestial body. With gleaming and dazzling Diamonds moulded into a beautiful string bracelet, this piece of jewellery is fit to be named Ourania.
Elements Elegance Diamond Bangle
An elegant play with spaces created to enthral the audience with its raw nature.
Linked Diamond Bracelet
Steal the limelight with this essential, elegant and complete stunner of a bracelet.
Gardenia Diamond Bangle
Beautifully crafted and featuring a stunning blossom design, this bangle is beyond par when it comes to breezy elegance.
Surfwave Diamond Bangle
A delightfully flower-inspired dazzler, this bangle defines natural beauty and grace.
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