Apostrophe Diamond Pendant
Our Sparkling Apostrophe pendant is designed especially for all the grammar nazis out there.
Ball Diamond Earrings
Always look classy wearing our diamond studded Ball earrings.
Nephele Diamond Pendant*
Peeking from amongst the clouds, a lustrous star sits on a delicate cresent, studded beautifully with Diamonds. Named after the Goddess of clouds, the Nephele pendant is a dance amidst the night sky.
Evil Eye Gifting Diamond Pendant*
Charm the negative vibes and shine on with our evil eye pendant
Diamond Hashtag Diamond Pendant
Diamonds studded in a symmetry of a Hashtag for our love of Instagram.
Stelle Diamond Pendant
Hold the universe right by your neck with our marvellous Stelle Pendant.
Butterfly Diamond Pendant
A butterfly are deep and powerful representations of life, Our Butterfly pendant is a must have in your collection.
Aile Diamond Pendant
Our beautiful butterfly pendant is truly one-of-a-kind. Its sweet sentiments show that someone special just how much you care.
Fleck Diamond Pendant
Celebrate the season of giving with our intricate shiny Fleck pendant. An ideal Christmas gift.
Lova Diamond Pendant
Our Lova pendant with a cluster of dainty diamonds is the key to the perfect gift.
Musica Diamond Pendant
Music is the entry to the heart and soul and there is no easier way to win over someone's love than with our Musica pendant.
Uni Diamond Pendant
An ancient mythological creature is inspiration for our very on-trend gold Uni pendant.
Superstar Diamond Pendant
Cool. Chic. Contemporary. Our Superstar pendant is all set to rock your world.
Treble Love Diamond Pendant
Gift our Treble Love pendant to a gal who loves music and make her heart sing.
Ellie Diamond Pendant
This beautiful Jumbo pendant is simple yet elegant a unique addition to your collection
Swan Diamond Pendant
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.
Hooked Diamond Pendant
Gift our beautiful gold Hooked pendant to the loved one who keep you grounded and who is your anchor for life.
Zena Pendant
Zena Pendant
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.
Cupcake Diamond Earrings
A perfect combination of gold and sparkle, our cupcake earrings will add subtle glamour and perfectly complement your outfit.
Star And Crescent Diamond Earrings
Stars and moon shine in this set of earrings with gracefulness.
Circuli Diamond Danglers
You'll be in awe of everyone when you wear our Circuli Danglers.
Circuli Diamond Earrings
Our diamond studded Circuli earrings will be a centrepiece of your daily wear jewellery.
Dewdrop Diamond Earrings
Perfect symmetry borrowed from the nature, our dewdrop earrings have the right amount of shimmer to enhance your look.
Clef Diamond Earrings
Add more rhythm to your daily life with our Clef Earrings.