Scatter Waltz Devina Diamond Ring*
Deer's antlers are one of the finest branched designs found in nature. Our master craftsmen have been inspired by such antlers to create a ring so powerful that it exhumes the strength and bold art. It is named Devina, which...
Tiara Diamond Ring
Gift our Tiara ring to the princess of your heart to bring them complete and utter joy. Metal Type 10k Rose Gold Metal Weight 1.72grams Diamond Quality VS/SI-GH Diamond Weight 0.04cts
Mulan Fashion Ring with 1/5 CTTW Diamonds
14K Yellow Gold Mulan Fashion Ring with 1/5 CTTW Diamonds Metal Type 14K Yellow Gold Metal Weight 2.54grams Diamond Quality VS/SI-IJ Diamond Weight 0.19cts
Aura Diamond Ring
The Aura ring's, sparked with perfect Diamonds, strikes a chord in the heart of a modern, savvy woman.
Elements Regnant Diamond Ring
Showcasing a regal representation of Diamonds, fit for a royal ensemble.
Freeflowing Quest Diamond Ring
Multiple exciting journeys envisioned in this versatile ring, a proud remembrance for your expeditions.
Circa Diamond Ring
Our Circa ring sits prettily on her finger to complete and complement her lovely looks. Metal Type 10k Rose Gold Metal Weight 2.21grams Diamond Quality VS/SI-GH Diamond Weight 0.07cts
Orbit Diamond Ring
The Orbit Ring is a dramatic solitaire surrounded by a filigree of fabulous Diamonds that creates a mesmerizing piece of fine jewellery.
Thyra Diamond Ring
Fierce, dazzling and passionate, Diamonds have a resilience like no other. Placed in a neat straight ring, this White Gold jewel is of precious value. Named after the Goddess of Thunder from the Norse mythology, the one who wears the...
Ezili Diamond Ring
Waves of stunning white waters crash onto each other. Intertwining gushes of White Gold and strings of Diamonds, this ornate ring is meant for the warrior, a Goddess of waves and the sea, just like its namesake, Ezili. Metal Type...
Illuminaire Laavey Diamond Ring*
Two hearts meet with bright luminescent colors, vividly clashing yet in harmony. It’s a beautiful culmination of two different personalities, unifying to link as one. This is named Lave, a happy union.
Illuminaire Eszter Diamond Ring*
A combination of the two most vivid floral colors, this ring reminds us of the regal courts and palaces with velvet drapes and thrones of Gold. This regal ring is iridescent, unique and beguiling. It is named Eszter, like the...
Illuminaire Chrysalis Diamond Ring*
When a beautiful butterfly sits on your fingers, the picturesque colors clash against your skin, with light bouncing off of them. This lovely, dainty experience is frozen into blue and green gemstones and carved into this gorgeous ring, named Chrysalis,...
Freeflowing Flux Diamond Ring
"A striking flux of diamonds, assemble into a craftful masterpiece "
Freeflowing Voyage Diamond Ring
Embark on this glittering voyage, move through the radiant paths carved just for you.
Freeflowing Rays Diamond Ring
Arise like the sublime rays spread your positive aura all around adorning our Rays Ring
Skyward Bound Majestic Diamond Ring
Our dreams give us our individuality, we at Irasva provide you with the wings to achieve them.
Skyward Bound Winged Diamond Ring
Let these Diamond studded wings escalate your ambitions to success.
Skyward Bound Roost Diamond Ring
A mother and child frolic and dance in gold and diamonds.
Dolphin Diamond Ring
Our Dolphin Ring is the perfect accessory to add drama to your look.
Nebule Diamond Ring
Our Nebule ring is light as air and will enhance your look. Metal Type 10K white, Yellow and Pink Gold Metal Weight 4.99grams Diamond Quality VS/SI-GH Diamond Weight 0.13cts
Freeflowing Melt Diamond Ring
Turn up the heat with this molten beauty on your finger.
Freeflowing Melting Diamond Ring
Turn up the heat with this molten beauty on your finger.
Thea Diamond Ring
Double the pleasure with this studded, two-circled ring. The brilliant solitaire centre gives it captivating charisma.