Primrose diamond earrings
Embellished with diamonds and rose hued ribbons, this pair of circle earrings make this simple shape stand out in design. Stacked as hoops and rings, these are multi-circle stud earrings.
Queen shell diamond earrings
This beautiful pair of earrings have been inspired by the top of conch shells, with a diamond sitting at its core. A sparkling halo frames the shell design with floral reverence and elegance.
Aqua shimmer diamond earrings
Giving you two looks in one style, the geometric design features a small center diamond ring framed with a larger pentagon dipped in aquatic blue.
Sculpted heart diamond earrings
Artfully sculpted hearts are set with a circle of clustered diamonds, making these earrings your next beloved piece of jewellery.
Royal fern diamond earrings
Embrace the radiance of a finely crafted mesh of diamonds as they sit enveloped in leaves of gold. This elegant and minimal pair of earrings will wink at every onlooker with the wearer's movements.
Pink clover diamond earrings
Cute four leafed clover shaped diamond earrings are framed in a halo of deep rose pink, in these beautiful earrings. A miniature sparkling flower resides at the heart of the design.
Pink Ivy diamond earrings
Bring a touch of pretty glamour and shimmer to your everyday look with these beautiful pair of earrings. Perfect to be a part of your daily jewellery, these blush hued earrings are dressed with diamonds.
Winter flower diamond earrings
These floral earrings remind us of a frosty winter bloom. With stunning white diamonds at their core, the earrings are framed with windswept petals of white gold that makes the design resemble snowflakes.
Freeflowing Patter Diamond Earrings
These earrings are sure to make a splash with their drop Diamonds gently pitter-pattering to the round below.
Freeflowing Dangle Diamond Earrings
Stunning Diamonds that daintily dangle from the flowers set above.
Marchia Diamond Earrings
Sometimes small and delicate can still make a powerful statement, epitomised in the fabulous Marchia earrings.
Scatter Waltz Fronda Diamond Earrings*
Drooping off a leaved stem, this Diamond and Gold plant sits at the wearer's ears, whispering stories of butterflies and birds, forests and gardens. The beautiful rendition of leaves on a branch with a floral top is called Fronda, meaning...
Oscillating Diamond Earrings
Our Oscillating earrings are crafted to enhance the glamour quotient of your ensemble. From cocktail parties to a corporate soiree, these earrings can grace any occasion.
Pyramid Diamond Earrings
Our Pyramid earrings are crafted to enhance the glamour quotient of your ensemble. From cocktail parties to a corporate soiree, these earrings can grace any occasion.
Chime Diamond Earrings
Our Lika earrings are crafted to enhance the glamour quotient of your ensemble. From cocktail parties to a corporate soiree, these earrings can grace any occasion.
Luna Diamond Earrings
The full moon is a glittering ball of luminosity. We strive to capture the very same light with these luxury Luna Earrings.
Avantes Diamond Earrings
Modern lines with an elegant offset of Diamonds come together to create impeccable class.
Avante Diamond Earrings
Modern lines with classic Diamonds come together to create impeccable class.
Adira Diamond Earrings
Be the most glamorous in every room with these quintessentially quirky Adira earrings that define edgy elegance.
Scatter Waltz Nearidei Diamond Earrings*
Nearidei is a Cambodian born, white flower that blooms with four distinct petals. Set in a hoop with leaves all around it, a tiny white Diamond flower sits in Gold, at the wearer's ears as majestic, sparkling earrings.
One Kalea Diamond Earrings*
A delicate and exacting set of starlit Diamonds set with exquisite craftsmanship in circles around the circle, a beautiful form of art, and ornately crafted into earrings. These Diamond studs are quintessential for the woman who loves it all!
One Diana Diamond Earrings*
Diana, Goddess of the Moon, she sits in her throne, gleaming with her radiance. Her throne, made of the Moon itself, gleams just like her. She has a unique glow, glinting every few seconds.
Freeflowing Verbina Diamond Earrings*
Clustered together, dangling from its heart, the Verbena flowers have healing powers that strengthen the wearer, make her more creative and happy and keeps away the evil. Verbena flowers helped our artists create this pair with immense love and heart,...
Freeflowing Lobelia Diamond Earrings*
Bright, vivid violet, this beautiful clustered flowering plant blooms in spring. Often called the butterfly flower, Lobelia has white accents in the centre like Diamonds between golden flowers. Cascading down the centre are the pollen strings drooping so beautiful here,...