Caldera Diamond Pendant*
Diamonds are designed in a way that they point in all four directions of the compass, maintaining its charm and gleam all around. These Diamonds are placed close to each other, as if a bunch of flowers on a vine.
One Arantxa Diamond Pendant*
A beautiful thorn bush of Diamonds and precious Gold set in various patterns sit like earrings placed on a queen. This pendant represents the harsh truth - a beauty like no other, a strength more power full than any.
Freeflowing Swift Diamond Pendant
A graceful representation of the freedom of movement, intricate paths collide curating a beautiful masterpiece.
Freeflowing Sashay Diamond Pendant
Sashay through your stress-free day with this playful pendant, dancing on your neck.
Freeflowing Cascade Diamond Pendant
A trickle of Diamonds, moving to the beat of their own whim.
Heavensent Diamond Pendant
Our Heavensent pendant has an ethereal quality. With a drop Diamond and single solitaire, this dainty and delicate pendant seems to be made for the angels.
Garlanda Diamond Pendant
Ornate and ornamental our Garlanda pendant is the perfect party piece to ensure a sparkling evening.
One Radiant Diamond Pendant
A seven-sparkler extravagance, each with a million sparks dancing within its fold.
Skyward Bound Soar Diamond Pendant
Angel wings that shimmer in the light, lifting up your spirits.
Starring You Spellbound Diamond Pendant
A network of fine Golden lines run across this piece, connecting the Diamonds, leaving the gazing eye mesmerized.
Starring You Debutante Diamond Pendant
The rising star on the firmament, the Diamonds in this piece point the way up.
Starring You Iconic Diamond Pendant
An eloquent coming together of Gold and Diamonds, this pendant exudes royalty.
Scatter Waltz Disorder Diamond Pendant
Every Diamond, exactly where it is supposed to be, and not where it's expected to be.
Scatter Waltz Snowflake Diamond Pendant
Radiant rays radiate from this circle of radiating radiance. As delicate as a snowflake. And as unique.
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