Sealife Diamond Pendant
The seahorse is a symbol of patience and protection. The ideal gift for your most beloved person.
A fruity affair Enamel Bracelet*
Slice it up with this fun bracelet amping up your outfit
XO Enamel Bracelet*
Connect those X's and O's with our versatile bracelet
Cloud Enamel Bracelet*
Be the silver lining on a cloudy day with our cloud bracelet
Squirrel Diamond Bracelet*
The squirell symbolises fun and laughter into your world, Remebr to enjoy the little things with our squirell bracelet
Candy Diamond Pendant
Stress eating without calories is every girl's dream, and now you can do that too !
Ringlet Diamond Pendant
Feel free and beautiful just like a butterfly wearing our Ringlet Pendant.
Baby Unicorn Diamond Pendant
Sparkle happiness around you wearing our cute baby unicorn pendant.
Kowalski Diamond Pendant
Nothing is as cute as to see a penguin walk, our Kowalski pendant will add charm and grace to your look.
Emoji Diamond Pendant
A specially designed pendant for all the awe-inspiring moments in life.
Thinker Diamond Pendant
A pendant designed for all the thinkers.
Paw Diamond Pendant
Our Paw pendant for all Cynophiles to keep their love for pets a step closer to your heart.
Cone Diamond Pendant
Spread sweetness around you with Ice cream based cone pendant from our collection.
Cumulus Enamel Pendant
Fill yourself with the power of wisdom and enlightenment with our cotton shaped Cumulus pendant.
Tic-Tac-Toe Diamond Pendant
Our tic-tac-toe pendant especially designed to appreciate everyone's favorite pass time.
Ballerina Diamond Pendant
For all the Ballet lovers, wear our cute Ballerina pendant and keep the moves alive.
Red Star Diamond Pendant
Our delightful Red star pendant, bright and glamourous will look brilliant around your neck.
Love Smiley Diamond Pendant
Smiley showering love, illustrated in the form of a diamond studded heart. .
Vixen Diamond Pendant
Inspired from one of the 8 reindeers of our favorite Santa Claus, our Vixen pendent is a must have in your collection.
Gold Emoji Diamond Pendant
A charming old school emoji pendant to make you look sassy and cool.
Melon Enamel Earrings
Our melon earrings are perfect for your brunch look.
Noir Enamel Earrings
Mesmerising combination of Black and Gold in our Noir earrings.
Ringlet Enamel Earrings
With these pretty wings of Rose and cyan, our Ringlet earrings will capture a carefree spirit.
Apple Enamel Earrings
The sweetness of apple keeps you fresh all day, wear our apple earings to look fresh daily.