Illuminaire Femi Diamond Earrings*
The colour of love mixed with the colour of purity brightens this pair of earrings in a way like no other. This gorgeous set of hoop earrings is named Femi, after 'love'.
One Noor Diamond Earrings*
Dazzling light reflects off of each Diamond, as if the Moon resides within each of them. The Noor earrings couldn't be better named, as Noor is the light within, a glow of beauty.
Regalia Alice Maude Diamond Earrings*
Named after Queen Victoria's daughter, this bangle screams royally and majestic following. Belonging to royal families of jewels, Diamonds and Gold are carved into precious shapes and patterns into this beautiful bangle.
One Fennel Diamond Earrings*
A simple gathering of Yellow Gold flowers, shining with Diamonds set on them like dewdrops, this beautiful rendition of Fennel flowers in Gold is a must-have. Dangling like a floral hoop, this earring sits on the wearer's ears, mingling with...
One Celosia Diamond Earrings*
Celosia Flowers usually grow in bunches, one on top of another until they form a unique shape that looks like a large flower in itself. A culmination of various Diamonds, put together in a hoop to form one large, magnificent...
One Diana Diamond Earrings*
Diana, Goddess of the Moon, she sits in her throne, gleaming with her radiance. Her throne, made of the Moon itself, gleams just like her. She has a unique glow, glinting every few seconds.
One Sunniva Diamond Earrings*
A protector of the Earth, the Sun gives us heat, radiance, perfect temperature, and the possibility of life. The Sun's gifts are numerous and it is our favourite star. Studded with Diamonds in White Gold, this pair of earrings is...
One Altheda Diamond Earrings*
Blooming droplets of flowers, crafted into a platter of floral designs. Diamonds and White Gold sit at the wearer's ears with grace and stunning iridescence.
Freeflowing Assana Diamond Earrings*
A fall of cold, gushing, white water, glistening against the sunlight like Diamonds falling from the sky. Like a waterfall from a hilltop, this gorgeous pair of earrings came to being. Named Assana, meaning waterfalls, it takes the wearer back...
Freeflowing Chardonnay Diamond Earrings*
When a strawberry is popped into a glass of Chardonnay, bubbles the size of baubles sparkle up to the brim of the glass. This dazzling effect inspired our artists to create this unique pair of earrings, named Chardonnay after its...
Freeflowing Verbina Diamond Earrings*
Clustered together, dangling from its heart, the Verbena flowers have healing powers that strengthen the wearer, make her more creative and happy and keeps away the evil. Verbena flowers helped our artists create this pair with immense love and heart,...
Starring you Heidi Diamond Earrings*
A ring of winding lanes, all leading unto a Diamond, a star of one's life. All these stars put together the memories of a lifetime. Earrings that remind you of your various roles in life, Heidi earrings make you feel...
Starring you Eos Diamond Earrings*
A bed of asteroids, Eos is the name of the Greek Goddess of dawn. Filled with the golden light of the early sun and the silver of the previous night's moon, these ringlets in the earrings depict the cosmic harmony,...
Freeflowing Lobelia Diamond Earrings*
Bright, vivid violet, this beautiful clustered flowering plant blooms in spring. Often called the butterfly flower, Lobelia has white accents in the centre like Diamonds between golden flowers. Cascading down the centre are the pollen strings drooping so beautiful here,...
Skyward bound Altaira Diamond Earrings*
A winged Goddess with feathers of Diamonds and Gold, sparkling and connecting with the winds to soar higher and higher. Straddled on the wearer's ears, they whisper words of encouragement to reach beyond the skies.
Sora Diamond Bangle*
A perfect fusion of geometry and art, this bangle denotes stability at its finest. The Sora Bangle, delicate and intricate, is made of the two strongest shapes - the circle and the cross. Moulded with Gold and studded with Diamonds,...
Ivy Diamond Bangle*
Twinkling star-flowers, lined up on ivy, take us into fantasies and dreams of bright, shiny tales. Diamonds, strung with Gold, are set in two linear Ivies, strengthening the core of this gorgeous bangle. The wearer feels the same, a representation...
Skyward bound Indaliai Diamond Bangle*
The soft, delicate touch of a peacock feather, each one's unique pattern and radiant beauty has inspired this beautiful Diamond piece. A bangle like no other, this reminds the wearer to reach the skies using her light, strong feathers. Indaliai...
Skyward bound Serafina Diamond Bangle*
The fluttering wings of a Goddess, reaching high, towards the sky, sitting on clouds, resting from her journey. This beautiful winged creature, resting on the wearer's wrist is a little angelic reminder of the heights the wearer might reach. It...
Freeflowing Norma Diamond Bracelet*
Constellations are heavenly, a set or group of stars that make up legends and myths and tales. They have a cosmic magic about them, fancy meanings and beautiful names. This group of starlit Diamonds is named Norma, after the southern...
One Azar Diamond Earrings*
A startling ring of iridescent Diamonds, strung around with Gold. It's a ring of fire, a hoop of magic, a surprise amongst the mundane. It is named Azar, meaning born of fire.
One Miram Diamond Earrings*
Stardust sprinkled onto the wearer's ears, this beautiful design greatly defines an outburst of Diamonds. A hoop of stars reminds us of the Perseus constellation, one of the stars being these earrings' name.
Scatter Waltz Nearidei Diamond Earrings*
Nearidei is a Cambodian born, white flower that blooms with four distinct petals. Set in a hoop with leaves all around it, a tiny white Diamond flower sits in Gold, at the wearer's ears as majestic, sparkling earrings.
Elements Heather Diamond Bangle*
A flower, like no other, set with Diamonds and patterned with gorgeous strings of Diamonds as well. This gorgeous bangle, formed with the inspiration of a thousand flowers of Heather, is meant for someone in love with flowers.