Forever Shining Program (Our complementary life time maintenance service)

Jewellery isn’t just for a festival, a birthday or an anniversary. It’s for life and even if purchased for a special occasion, it must be worn everyday with pride. Jewellery that is well looked after will last for forever and bring joy and happiness to generations.

At Irasva we help you keep your jewellery in pristine condition with a promise of a complementary lifetime maintenance service. Irasva’s ‘Forever Shining Program’ is a 6-monthly professional jewellery treatment program that is available to all our customers at our shops.

The ‘Forever Shining’ Program includes:
  • Complete cleaning and polishing
  • Stone tightening
  • Prong tightening

For other chargeable repairs and services, please contact your nearest Irasva store for more details.

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