Discover the range of Irasva diamond necklaces and pendants. In white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, to take your daily glam quotient a notch higher


Discover the range of Irasva diamond necklaces and pendants. In white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, to take your daily glam quotient a notch higher

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Diamond pendants for women have been worn through time to enhance the neckline and give a delicate feel to the overall look. Be it in traditional attire, work wear or western formal looks diamond pendants are one accessory that will bring up your entire look. At Irasva buy current and trendy designer diamond pendants that go well with all your looks. We have diamond pendant designs ranging from heavy looks to fun and playful Giftables pendants to personalised diamond pendants. These wide ranges of pendants are suitable for every occasion in your life.

The everyday wear essential diamond pendants boast of simple and classic designs that exude expert detailing and craftsmanship. Upgrade your look with delicate diamond pendants that add glamour to your bare neckline.

A diamond pendant set can be a really special gift from adults to kids. At Irasva we have our gifting collection with fun categories of pendants ranging from magical celestials that have constellations and star signs diamond and gold pendants to pick from. Enamel pendants with animal motifs and emoji motifs make for a cool chic gift. Our hashtag diamond pendants are favoured amongst gifting within friends. Our alphabet white gold pendants make for a cool stackable necklace set. They can be worn individually or paired with your initials or a word.

Our engraving collection helps create and gift a timeless memory to you or your loved ones. Self-gifting is an important aspect to celebrate YOU. Engrave a personalised message, word or date on our wide collection of gold and diamond pendants, thus creating your own jewellery story.

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Discover a range of unique and versatile diamond jewellery for everyday wear. At Irasva’s online jewellery store, we have a wide range of exquisite designer jewellery. A diamond to suit all your everyday moods. Online jewellery shopping has never been so seamless and enjoyable. Our in-store experts are constantly on the go, assisting you to make your shopping experience as inclusive and personalised as possible. We are at the forefront of innovation. Our team relentlessly focuses on bringing global trends to the Indian audience as well as curating contemporary, international jewellery designs. A melange of minimalistic diamond jewellery pieces are available on our online store to choose from.

Irasva came about from two words ‘Ira’ and ‘Sva’ that symbolize the importance of self-love. We want to become a part of an independent woman’s daily routine. Become an essential part of the relationship she shares with her diamond jewellery. We aim to fill in the gap present in the market for everyday diamond jewellery. To cater to individual online jewellery needs, all our collections online are inspired by various qualities of a free, independent woman. Each represents the multifarious roles portrayed by them in their life. Embracing storms and setbacks yet determined to march forward. We want to celebrate that by our exclusive designer jewellery collections available on our online store.

Visit our online store for a smoother and faster experience – With a fast and user friendly website we have numerous additions every week. A closer look at the diamond jewellery will give you an idea of how it will look when worn. Showcased from different angles and on a model we want to give you the in-store jewellery shopping experience online to help you make an informed decision. All our diamonds are thoroughly graded and certified by Europe’s leading grading centre HRD. We strive for perfection and delivering the highest quality of authentic diamonds. Transparency has been a key driver in the jewellery industry to maintain loyal customers.

All our diamond jewellery collections talk about the numerous qualities that personify the many roles a woman undertakes in her daily life. Each jewellery design has been achieved to showcase exquisite craftsmanship with a strong inspiration that relates to the everyday woman in her daily life. Our online jewellery store aims to celebrate the ambitious journey towards one’s goals. The dance of one’s life encapsulating the relationships they form and the obstacles that women need to overcome.

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