Illuminaire Crimson Diamond Earrings*
In the world of upside down, droplets are the most beautiful form. Stranded like a pear drop that is about to give birthto another drop, this shape when studded with Rubies and Diamonds is a design apart.
Elements Symmetral Diamond Earrings
This pair of earrings enthrals and tantalise with its raw sensuality.
Striza Diamond Earrings
Pretty and feminine, our Striza earrings have a curved row of magnificently cut Diamonds that will be admired far and wide.
Atzi Diamond Earrings
Inspired by ancient Aztec traditions, our Atzi earrings make a striking style statement.
Starring You Fandom Diamond Earrings
Delicate branches of Gold, with Diamonds at their tips, will enamour and add more fans to your club.
Regalia Monarch Diamond Earrings
Diamonds tethered by invisible lines, this honeycomb design is patronised by Kings and Queens of yore.
Skyward Bound Fairy Diamond Earrings
Dainty wings of Gold and Diamond encrusted White Gold, a reminder that magic is alive.
Skyward Bound Metamorph Diamond Earrings
Up, up and away these wings evolve along the Diamond paved path.
One Milada Diamond Earrings*
Strings of Diamonds, sparkling, are attracted to the one in the centre, the special one, biggest and brightest, most loved of all. Another ring of Diamonds upholds the rest, framing the one to shine out brightest. The name Milada means...
One Mazarine Diamond Earrings*
Born out of seas, the distinct glitter resonates with no other than moonlight on dark deep waters. Sprinkled with such moonlight, these Diamond earrings are named Mazarine, a French name that means the deep colour of the sea.
Regalia Makeda Diamond Earrings*
A Diamond-shaped window, with classic, ornate jewels hanging from below; it’s a window to see the world more beautifully. Makeda Earrings are named after their muse, Queen Makeba of Sheba, meaning the 'beautiful one'.
Illuminaire Minjonet Diamond Earrings*
A tiny blue flower, sparkling like the night sky, studded with star-like Diamonds. These pair of earrings is meant for the one who exhumes the radiance that makes blue stand out, a colour contrasting with the wearer. Minjonet is a...
Lady Earth Petal Diamond Earrings
The artistic beauty of nature, captured in Diamonds. Dainty petals on your earlobes.
Lamara Diamond Earrings
Our sparkly festive Lamara earrings make every special occasion a little bit more joyful.
Circled Loops Diamond Earrings
A simple swish of White Gold encircles your lobes, and brings good luck.
Elements Amoeba Diamond Earrings
The detachable amoeba earrings wrapped around the earlobes look exquisite.
Skyward Bound Lift-Off Diamond Earrings
Reach for the skies on these delicate wings crafted from Diamonds and Gold.
Starring You Charisma Diamond Earrings
Not all Diamonds are created equal. Especially not the ones that find pride of place in this set.
Scatter Waltz Pear-Drop Diamond Earrings
Diamonds of all sizes and cuts come together in these little teardrops of joy.
Regalia Trinity Diamond Earrings
Three Diamonds rule the east, three the west. While you keep an eye on the North.
Starring You Matinee Diamond Earrings
These earrings carry the stardust of fame lightly on their petite frame.
Starring You Glitz Diamond Earrings
Glamour and glitz find resonance in these ornate earrings.
Circled Solidity Diamond Earrings
Bold hoops that mean business, without forgetting their manners.
Circled Loopknot Diamond Earrings
A rollercoaster of a loop that thrills the ears, and the sight. All's well that ends well.