Freeflowing Quest Diamond Ring
Multiple exciting journeys envisioned in this versatile ring, a proud remembrance for your expeditions.
Elements Regnant Diamond Ring
Showcasing a regal representation of Diamonds, fit for a royal ensemble.
Amore Diamond Ring
A symbol for love in all its purity, the clear sweetheart Diamond makes this a darling little ring.
Illuminaire Eszter Diamond Ring*
A combination of the two most vivid floral colors, this ring reminds us of the regal courts and palaces with velvet drapes and thrones of Gold. This regal ring is iridescent, unique and beguiling. It is named Eszter, like the...
Scatter Waltz Devina Diamond Ring*
Deer's antlers are one of the finest branched designs found in nature. Our master craftsmen have been inspired by such antlers to create a ring so powerful that it exhumes the strength and bold art. It is named Devina, which...
Scatter Waltz Aitana Diamond Ring*
Made of glory and regalia, this gorgeous ring screams authority and uniqueness. Unlike any other, this ring has the power of empowering the wearer and making her feel superior with strength and love. It was named Aitana, meaning glory.
Freeflowing Garnet Diamond Ring*
Set with Diamonds like a pomegranate fruit, this gorgeous ring is all about the grandiose of Diamonds. A scintillating experience, the wearer would be proud and flaunt this ring with vigour. It's named Garnet, after the pomegranate buds.
Neri Diamond Ring*
A scalding, burning fire with unyielding icicles in the middle, it's not hot, nor cold, but startling and dazzling on her finger. This stunning ring is a fabulous mix of Diamonds and Gold, artfully placed in a looming, yet tine...
Naida Diamond Ring*
A double dazzle, this ring signifies the drastic beauty of water nymphs. A mythical Greek creature, nymphs have the ability and gift to grant wishes. Wear this water nymph on your finger to denote the agility and freedom of water...
Regalia Milcah Diamond Ring*
The exuberance tale of two towers connected by the most beautiful bridge has been created and recreated over and again. We're connecting your two fingers, strengthened together, with a bridge of Diamonds set in Gold. This is named after Milcah,...
Regalia Briar Diamond Ring*
A chaotic symmetry unfolds in this beautiful ring with Diamond studded envelops stacked next to each other. A similar kind of stacking can be seen in wildflowers, chaotic yet so powerfully in order. The nature of such designs makes them...
Regalia Paisley Diamond Ring*
Unifying in design, a paisley is never set alone - it always has a mate, a partner. A twin floral shape, Paisley inspired this design of a dual ring, connected by Diamonds, separated by a beautiful pattern. This intrinsic yet...
Freeflowing Flux Diamond Ring
"A striking flux of diamonds, assemble into a craftful masterpiece "
Skyward Bound Majestic Diamond Ring
Our dreams give us our individuality, we at Irasva provide you with the wings to achieve them.
Freeflowing Melt Diamond Ring
Turn up the heat with this molten beauty on your finger.
Freeflowing Melting Diamond Ring
Turn up the heat with this molten beauty on your finger.
Serpia Diamond Ring
Capturing a sense of dynamic movement, these cross-directional bands create balance and brilliance.
Brilliante Diamond Ring
A parade of stunning diamonds provide dramatic flair for you to flaunt anytime, anywhere.
Thea Diamond Ring
Double the pleasure with this studded, two-circled ring. The brilliant solitaire centre gives it captivating charisma.
Perpetua Diamond Ring
An elegant band of flawless Diamonds, the Perpetua ring is a treasure forever.
Magnanimous Diamond Ring
A single Diamond strand envelops a slim one of Gold, meeting to encase an exquisite princess Diamond.
Interwoven Diamond Ring
A striking sweep of Diamonds between two sparkling bands. the Flarian ring is stylish and chic.
Volcano Diamond Ring
Brimming with the most incredible sparkle, this ring dazzles with its clusters brilliant Diamonds.
Firebrand Diamond Ring
A simple yet dashing Diamond beauty, this fashionable single-band, with its teardrop Diamonds is sure to be a favourite with all.