Regalia Dynast Diamond Earrings
An elegant spray of Diamonds, these earrings are the perfect accessory to your royal demeanour.
Scatter Waltz Sovereign Diamond Earrings
It's more fun when Diamonds don't conform to the status quo.
Scatter Waltz Splash Diamond Earrings
A splash of water finds expression here in Diamonds.
Regalia Eminence Diamond Earrings
An arrangement that is worthy of your royal visage. Countries have gone to war or less.
Scatter Waltz Jigsaw Diamond Earrings
Spend some time with these Diamonds, and they are sure to all fall in place. Or maybe not.
Scatter Waltz Wisp Diamond Earrings
A string of glorious Diamonds set to the whims of the wind.
Starring You Stellar Diamond Earrings
The stars descend to bless this piece of magic with their stellar radiance.
Starring You Shimera Diamond Earrings
The shimmer of a mirage is made real in this work of exquisite wizardry.
Scatter Waltz Disarray Diamond Earrings
Will they swing this way or that? These Diamonds will always keep the world guessing.
Skyward Bound Dove Diamond Earrings
A silver dove spreads its wings. And glides over the world below.
One Lustrous Diamond Earrings
The many points of light add to the lustre of this sparkling ensemble.
Skyward Bound Cluster Diamond Earrings
Diamonds coming together as a cluster keeping the magic alive.
One Galaxy Diamond Earrings
A beautiful representation of intermingling celestial galaxies radiating a luminous shine.
Freeflowing Runnel Diamond Earrings
Resembling a FreeFlowing river, paving its own path, follow this sparkling journey crafted for you embracing all obstacles in life.
Freeflowing Torrent Diamond Earrings
A downpour of brilliant hues and sparkling splendour.
Freeflowing Rivulet Diamond Earrings
The string of Diamonds twirls as they flirt with gravity. Tantalising close to falling, but never giving in.
Freeflowing Waterfall Diamond Earrings
Cascading downhill, these Diamonds put on a spectacular show for the eyes.
Regalia Exquisite Diamond Earrings
Hear the hush take over the room, when you walk in flaunting this exquisite heirloom.
Regalia Majestic Diamond Earrings
These Diamonds are set to rule the world, Your Majesty.
Illuminaire Femi Diamond Earrings*
The colour of love mixed with the colour of purity brightens this pair of earrings in a way like no other. This gorgeous set of hoop earrings is named Femi, after 'love'.
One Noor Diamond Earrings*
Dazzling light reflects off of each Diamond, as if the Moon resides within each of them. The Noor earrings couldn't be better named, as Noor is the light within, a glow of beauty.
Regalia Alice Maude Diamond Earrings*
Named after Queen Victoria's daughter, this bangle screams royally and majestic following. Belonging to royal families of jewels, Diamonds and Gold are carved into precious shapes and patterns into this beautiful bangle.
One Fennel Diamond Earrings*
A simple gathering of Yellow Gold flowers, shining with Diamonds set on them like dewdrops, this beautiful rendition of Fennel flowers in Gold is a must-have. Dangling like a floral hoop, this earring sits on the wearer's ears, mingling with...
One Celosia Diamond Earrings*
Celosia Flowers usually grow in bunches, one on top of another until they form a unique shape that looks like a large flower in itself. A culmination of various Diamonds, put together in a hoop to form one large, magnificent...