Descara Diamond Earrings
Designed to give you a real wow factor, our Descara earrings are iconic and always in the spotlight.
Pink clover diamond earrings
Cute four leafed clover shaped diamond earrings are framed in a halo of deep rose pink, in these beautiful earrings. A miniature sparkling flower resides at the heart of the design.
Atzi Diamond Earrings
Inspired by ancient Aztec traditions, our Atzi earrings make a striking style statement.
Striza Diamond Earrings
Pretty and feminine, our Striza earrings have a curved row of magnificently cut Diamonds that will be admired far and wide.
Illuminaire Crimson Diamond Earrings*
In the world of upside down, droplets are the most beautiful form. Stranded like a pear drop that is about to give birthto another drop, this shape when studded with Rubies and Diamonds is a design apart.
One Mazarine Diamond Earrings*
Born out of seas, the distinct glitter resonates with no other than moonlight on dark deep waters. Sprinkled with such moonlight, these Diamond earrings are named Mazarine, a French name that means the deep colour of the sea.
Regalia Makeda Diamond Earrings*
A Diamond-shaped window, with classic, ornate jewels hanging from below; it’s a window to see the world more beautifully. Makeda Earrings are named after their muse, Queen Makeba of Sheba, meaning the 'beautiful one'.
Illuminaire Minjonet Diamond Earrings*
A tiny blue flower, sparkling like the night sky, studded with star-like Diamonds. These pair of earrings is meant for the one who exhumes the radiance that makes blue stand out, a colour contrasting with the wearer. Minjonet is a...
Scatter Waltz Flicker Diamond Earrings
A flicker of light in a sea of darkness can be a silver lining, let these Diamond studded earrings flicker on your ears every day.
Circled Clutch Diamond Earrings
Arms extend out to embrace and encircle your earlobes.
Circled Sequence Diamond Earrings
Overcome obstacles with these sequenced hoops, paving an interlinked Diamond studded Gold path for you to fulfil your ambitions.
Circled Camaraderie Diamond Earrings
When diamonds collide, a playful camaraderie is formed between them creating these beautiful and delicate hoops
Circled Moonlight Diamond Earrings
Delicate beams of Diamond encrusted moonlight bend themselves around your ears.
Elements Symmetral Diamond Earrings
This pair of earrings enthrals and tantalise with its raw sensuality.
Circled Maya Diamond Earrings
Our Maya earrings are the ultimate fashion accessory. They are an essential addition to every woman's precious jewellery collection.
Cavina Diamond Earrings
Captivating contemporary curves define these drop earrings, to make an elegant style statement that complements any sartorial choice.
Lamara Diamond Earrings
Our sparkly festive Lamara earrings make every special occasion a little bit more joyful.
Circled Trimmed Diamond Earrings
With trimmings of Diamonds, these loops are ready to encircle you with their luxurious simplicity.
Circled Knotted Diamond Earrings
A giant hoop of Diamonds and Gold left entangled in an exquisite knot.
Circled Shooting Star Diamond Earrings
Wish upon this pair of shooting stars. And if you wished for compliments and praise, consider them fulfilled.
Circled Labyrinth Diamond Earrings
Get lost in this circular maze as it leads the eye inwards with no way out.
Circled Links Diamond Earrings
Interlinking style with allure, Gold with Diamonds, this exquisite chain loops through your ears.
Circled Foliage Diamond Earrings
A decorative hoop that connects the nature around you to the nature within you.
Circled Flourish Diamond Earrings
Stars blaze their way around your ears, leaving a brilliant trail behind.