Essential Elsie Diamond Bracelet*
Of rock and ice, the mountains are a shiny affair. Icicles and snow bounce off the magical colours of sunlight in ways impossible to explain. Diamonds, set in White Gold is a similar mirage. This bracelet is named Elsie, after...
Doe Diamond Bracelet*
Dolled up eyes are the most expressive and most beautiful feature of a woman. In India, big dramatic eyes are often compared to those of a doe, the shape perfectly leaf-like, the lids impeccably set. In pure Gold, this doe-eyed...
Skyward Bound Butterfly Diamond Bangle
Watch mesmerised as these Diamond-winged creatures flit around your wrist.
Oceana Diamond Bangle
This intricate bangle, studded with faultless gems is ornate and breath-taking in its detail and drama.
Desiree Diamond Bangle
Our classy Desiree Bangle has two twists of beauty - one a sleek band of Gold, the other a resplendent band of our finest Diamonds. This is a piece you will cherish forever.
Sydney Diamond Bangle
Gleaming and sparkling, this bracelet has a delicate Diamond chain with dazzling accents to highlight its beauty.
Savannah Diamond Bangle*
Two strings of pure Gold, intertwined in a dramatic, yet elegant, solid bangle. The wearer's delight is speechless in a pronounced spectacle. The bangle is so named for the grasslands of America, with tall grasses entwined with each other.
Zinnia Diamond Bangle*
A tumultuous musical of life, strung with Gold and Diamonds, is wrung around the wearer's wrist. She reflects her happy, dancing, prancing moods with this beautiful bangle, named after the cool and edgy flower, Zinnia.
Genevieve Diamond Bangle*
The tribeswomen of India have mastered the art of lacing flowers together to make a string of garland worn as ornaments. This beautiful string of Golden flowers, wrapped around the wearer's wrist is a tribute to 'Genevieve', the tribal women.
Andzelika Diamond Bangle*
Acting as a catalyst in bringing out the bubbling beauty of the wearer, this simple yet fascinating piece of jewellery gushes brilliance. Named after God's messenger, Andzelika bangle translates the subtle might of the wearer.
Marlowe Diamond Bangle*
Inspired from the pillar tops of old Roman architecture, this beautifully set Gold and Diamond piece screams classic. A quintessential to your collection, this bangle was named after the English driftwood, Marlowe.
Core Diamond Bangle
Gleaming and sparkling, this bangle has a delicate Diamond chain with dazzling accents to highlight its beauty.
Floret Essential Diamond Bracelet
Elegant curves define your style perfectly in sync with any wardrobe.
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