Pluma Diamond Earrings
Fashionable and flawless, our Pluma earrings are some of the brightest stars in our treasure trove of jewellery.
Circled Heartstring Diamond Earrings
A Golden thread loops through these sparkling hearts, tugging at your own heart.
Starring You Spotlight Diamond Earrings
Never ones to shy away from praise and attention, these earrings bask in their own radiance.
Skyward bound Arabella Diamond Earrings*
Like a beautiful alter or an intricately carved wooden harp, these pair of earrings are shaped as a butterfly's sole feather. Winged and fabulous, set with Diamonds in Gold, the Arabella Earrings are one of a kind.
One Carys Diamond Earrings*
A pair of Floral Diamonds, bound together with rings of more Diamonds, sparkling away hanging from her ears. The wearer is constantly reminded with whispers of encouragement, that she's the one, the most precious, the beloved, the one full of...
Illuminaire Sorrell Diamond Earrings*
Rose petals dipped in glitter and set in a beautiful hoop is what this pair of earrings reminds us. Set with rubies and Diamonds, set in Gold to create lovely hoops.
Illuminaire Ciara Diamond Earrings*
Bold and Beautiful, black has always been the classiest of all colours. And gleaming black is an even more mesmerizing concept. This simple and stunning black hoop studded with Diamonds is an easy must-have.
Scatter Waltz Fronda Diamond Earrings*
Drooping off a leaved stem, this Diamond and Gold plant sits at the wearer's ears, whispering stories of butterflies and birds, forests and gardens. The beautiful rendition of leaves on a branch with a floral top is called Fronda, meaning...
Nova Diamond Earrings*
Born just a little while ago, a new star is as white and dazzling as the rest, maybe even more. Two new stars sit on the wearer's ears, whispering the new truth of the universe as they witness it all...
One Abilene Diamond Earrings*
Winding up with leaves of Gold and Diamonds studded next to them, several twines of grass set up an ornate home at the wearer's ears. Abilene is Hebrew for grass.
Circled Herculean Diamond Earrings
The herculean hoops elegantly capture the intricate designs giving attention to the small details that shine bright.
Circled Tria Diamond Earrings
These Tria earrings are a perfect infusion of modern lines and classic designs.
Scatter Waltz Burst Diamond Earrings
A glamorous burst of Diamonds shooting through the sky, landing on your dainty ears covered in these shinning Diamonds.
One Soveriegn Diamond Earrings
Acclaim your sovereign solace with these majestic earrings.
Circled Dainty Diamond Earrings
Leave no look incomplete with these Dainty earrings, as they quitely settle on your ears exuding elegance.
Nebilli Diamond Earrings
Four abstract Diamonds held together by thin stems of Gold make for a unique and striking pair of earrings that will always be noticed
Circled Crescent Diamond Earrings
A dainty curve bedecked with fragrant Diamonds, it invites your imagination to complete the rest of it.
Circled Lights Diamond Earrings
Spin some lights around in the dark. We transformed that mesmerising effect into this pair of earrings.
Circled Wisp Diamond Earrings
A delicate trace of Gold flies through the air, encircling your ears with their effervescence.
Circled Horseshoe Diamond Earrings
A simple swish of Rose Gold encircles your lobes, and brings good luck.
One Circlet Diamond Earrings
Everything is not what it seems. This set of Diamonds is sure to have you going in circles.
One Winged Diamond Earrings
These Diamond encrusted wings will carry you far.
One Solaris Diamond Earrings
When the sun and its rays shine as one, nothing can outshine their brilliance.
Elements Cluster Diamond Earrings
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.